0 -19 What can be done about Global Warming?

If global warming is allowed to continue unabated,
scientists warn that low-lying parts of the UK could be submerged
within 50 years as ice caps melt and sea levels rise. Europe as a
whole is likely to be affected by floods in the north and severe
water shortages in the south, more extreme weather, new diseases
and parasites, and the extinction of some plant and animal species.
So how do young people feel about attempts to fend off global


I reckon it’s cyclical: it’s just nature running its course.
There’s nothing we can do to stop it, but we are speeding up the
process with our consumer lifestyles. It’s an unavoidable blip. As
we are all predicted to be wiped out before long they should make
our lives as fun as possible!

To be honest, I’ve just accepted it – I don’t see what needs
doing. I respect people who work at trying to solve the problem but
I don’t see it being a success in this situation so I focus on
other causes.


We’re so dependent on fossil fuels and that’s what’s causing it
all because they release so much.
There should be tighter regulations on logging industries to help
preserve the rain forests so there are enough trees to cope with
the carbon dioxide emissions. Take more consumer responsibility –
check to see if what they are buying is eco-friendly. I try to make
my friends aware of the problem.


This government should encourage people to leave their cars at
home and walk or cycle, at least use public transport. There should
be more vehicles run on electricity too for those who have to use
their cars. I walk to college. People should boycott diesel cars,
as they’re the worst – there are some cool alternatives that run on
electricity and stuff, so I don’t see why people don’t opt for
those instead of all the ones that pollute the atmosphere.


There’ve been talks already with other countries. I don’t know
if they’re doing enough though – I think they should do a lot. I
know America’s not doing anything about it. Individuals can cut
down on waste so there are less landfills. Generally take more
public transport. We should also put pressure on the government to
tighten regulations.


I think the government should do more and take less time: this
whole thing about there being a start date for all of the
influential governments to assess and then act is unnecessary. We
know what the problems are. Just simple stuff like recycling is the
first step for individuals, and is something I do myself and
strongly recommend to others. We need to take it seriously
ourselves before we can expect our government to. 


I remember studying global warming at school. It’s what happens
when we release all this carbon dioxide into the air. We’re also
cutting down too many trees so they can’t absorb it all and it’s
heating up the world.

Yes, I do think it’s the government’s duty to try and sort it
out. They should work together and try and solve it in the long
term, not just the short term. Using other fuels instead of coal
would be a start I think.

I don’t do anything really myself, though I probably will after
this! But people should just do simple things like walking to the
shops instead of driving, and supporting campaigns about saving the


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