My Life

My dog Molly died last December. It was one of the biggest
disasters our family has experienced because she was only eight
months old when it happened. Six months before this happened, my
mum and dad went to collect her and I knew as soon as I saw her
with her big happy smile that I would have some really good times
with her.

I had always wanted a dog, but my mum and dad has said no,
because we had a cat called Rosie. But sadly she died some time ago
and so that said we could get a dog – and that was Molly.

She was a really energetic dog and she used to chase squirrels
for ages, and she loved her walks. But her favourite part of the
day was meal time! I loved having a dog like Molly – I don’t think
there was a nicer dog in all the world. I loved the way she looked
so pleased to see me when I came home from school, and the way she
ran after me if I ran down the garden.

She died on a Wednesday not long before Christmas and it was one
of the worst days of my life. I was walking home from school, not
expecting anything awful to happen. When I got home my mum told me
that Molly had died in an accident at the park. I felt like I had a
dagger in my heart, and that I would never feel cheerful again.

For those of you who have lost a family member you know how it
feels. For those who haven’t, you can’t possible imagine. Losing
Molly was the saddest thing that has ever happened to me. I miss
the sound of her barking and the house feels so empty and quiet. I
know one thing for sure: I will never forget her and she will
always be in my heart.


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