The Big Question

Disability equality adviser

It is a fantastic idea as long as it is not compulsory. If it is
compulsory back-up and support services should be in place. These
are lacking in many areas where disabled people receive direct
payments. Many councils just provide an agency to run the budget
and provide no support.

Young people’s activist
I’m worried that this scheme may be just another
attempt to dilute universal service provision as with vouchers for
schooling. While services should be tailored to individual need,
and I applaud any attempt to allow people to control their own
lives, this scheme looks like a bid to cover up faults in the
current system.


It’s a very good idea. I’ve worked with lots of disabled people and
many feel they have been let down by the authorities. There seems
to be many services available but people aren’t told about them or
can’t access them. It will of course entail some work and
responsibility for the people themselves but it’s a great

Gypsy activist
“Free choice” is an attractive idea, but many
disabled people would find it difficult to manage their money like
this. The current method targets money to specific areas. So where
a person has a Motability car, the money goes direct to them,
eliminating any chance of defaulting on payments. I’d stick with
the status quo.   

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