Care home representatives slam fee increases

    The English Community Care Association today slammed the 20%
    increase in fees for care home registration and inspection,
    writes Maria Ahmed.

    Commission for Social Care Inspection fees are to rise across
    the board by 20 per cent from this year’s levels. Healthcare
    Commission registration fees will rise by 50 per cent, with
    increases in inspection fees ranging from 20 to 55 per cent.

    The changes will see care homes’ registration fees rise
    from £1,584 to £1,901, and their annual inspection fees
    from £216 to £259.

    The ECCA slammed the move, which it claims had been imposed on
    the sector without any consultation.   

    Chief Executive Martin Green said: “The Department of
    Health’s latest announcement will add further pressure to the
    care home sector and without full cost recovery to providers will
    reduce the resources available to provide high quality care for

    “With this increase in mind we strongly expect councils to
    increase their fees to independent care homes and ensure that they
    also receive full cost recovery,” he added. “This
    announcement has a significant impact on the costs of care and is
    in sharp contrast with the fact that some local authorities have
    been announcing increases of less than the inflation rate and in
    one instance as low as 1%”.

    Delivering a statement to Parliament, Ladyman said the
    government was committed to moving to a position where the
    recurrent costs of providing regulation were fully recovered from
    service providers.

    Nadra Ahmed, chair of the National Care Homes Association, said
    the proposed increases were “absolutely appalling” and
    predicted that some homes could be forced to close if providers
    were unable to meet the costs.


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