Wednesday 9 February 2005

    By Clare Jerrom, Lauren Revans and Amy Taylor

    Howard attacks immigrant ‘chaos’

    Labour’s failure to put an upper limit on immigration is
    deeply irresponsible, according to Michael Howard.

    The Conservative leader accuses Tony Blair of losing control of
    immigration with “tragic consequences” for the
    immigrants themselves. He cites the deaths of the cockle pickers at
    Morecombe Bay as an example of the dangerous “chaos”
    caused by government policy.

    Source:- The Times  Wednesday 9 February page 2

    Jail for smack

    A father has been jailed for 42 days for smacking his child when
    the boy failed to wipe his bottom properly.

    The man, who cannot be named, admitted assaulting the boy last

    Source:- The Times  Wednesday 9 February page 2

    Gypsies win right to live on beauty spot

    Gypsies who set up an illegal camp on a beauty spot cannot be moved
    as it would breach their human rights.

    Stroud district council yesterday granted retrospective permission
    for the site on a three-hectare field in Gloucestershire after
    ruling that the harm to their human rights of moving them would
    outweigh harm to the environment and local people.

    Source:- The Times  Wednesday 9 February page 11

    Audit job cuts

    The Audit Commission yesterday announced a 50 per cent reduction in
    inspection costs involving around 50 job losses.

    Source:- The Times  Wednesday 9 February page 15

    Wine and women

    Britons drank more than a billion litres of wine last year with the
    majority consumed on girls’ nights out.

    Source:- The Times  Wednesday 9 February page 15

    Filthy, racist, violent – what man in charge thinks
    of London jails

    The former director general of the Prison Service told the inquiry
    into Zahid Mubarek’s death yesterday that prisons were evil,
    violent and staffed by people whose culture was “utterly

    Martin Narey told the inquiry that some jails at the time of
    Mubarek’s death were a nightmare and virtually unmanageable
    and that Feltham YOI, where Mubarek, was murdered, was not the only
    establishment dogged by problems.

    Source:- The Times  Wednesday 9 February page  16

    Prison staff blamed for drugs and dirt

    New arrivals at the Mount prison in Hertfordshire are spending
    almost a day scrubbing their cells before they can settle in, an
    inspection report revealed today.

    Chief inspector of prisons Anne Owers also found appalling
    conditions at the segregation unit and a significant drugs problem
    at the jail.

    Source:- The Times  Wednesday 9 February page 16

    Asylum dissent ‘not tolerated’

    Officials from the Immigration Service who questioned the Home
    Office’s target for removing asylum seekers whose claims had
    failed were branded as troublemakers, a senior civil servant has

    Kevin Brewer told an inquiry into a fire at an immigration removal
    centre that he considered the government’s target of removing
    30,000 asylum seekers a “fantasy”. But he added that
    reasoned debate within the Immigration and Nationality Directorate
    was “forbidden”.

    Source:- The Times  Wednesday 9 February page 26

    Refugee appeals warning

    The Law Society will warn MPs today that people with legitimate
    asylum claims will be sent home to face torture or death under
    plans to cut legal aid for asylum appeals.

    Government plans to introduce a system that would see decisions on
    legal aid made at the end of an appeal will have severe
    consequences for vulnerable applicants, the society will say

    Source:- The Times  Wednesday 9 February page 26

    Up to £6.2 bn in benefits going unclaimed

    Between £3.3 billion and £6.2 billion in means tested
    benefits are still going unclaimed each year.

    Take up of job seeker’s allowance has fallen by 10 percentage
    points since 1997 and in 2002-3 older people were failing to claim
    17-28 per cent of means tested money to which they were

    Source:- Financial Times  Wednesday 9 February page

    Seeking refuge

    More than 18,500 women and 23,000 children stayed in domestic
    violence refuges last year according to a report by Women’s
    Aid published today.

    Source:- Daily Telegraph  Wednesday 9 February page

    Prostitutes’ support group wins £360,000 grant from

    The Big Lottery Fund has awarded almost £360,000 to the UK
    Network of Sex Work Projects.

    Organisers said the money would be spent on advising male and
    female sex workers on their safety, welfare, health and legal
    rights. It will also support prostitutes who want to get off the

    Source:- The Independent Wednesday 9 February page 6

    New commissioner considers controversial quota system for
    ethnic minority recruits

    Sir Ian Blair, Britain’s most senior police officer, has
    conceded that the Metropolitan Police will fail to reach the Home
    Office target of a quarter of officers coming from ethnic minority
    communities by 2009.

    He said he would like to be involved in discussions as to whether,
    as a last resort, the law could be changed to allow positive
    discrimination in order to change the make-up of the

    Source:- The Independent Wednesday 9 February page

    UK demands crackdown on sex trafficking

    Harriet Harman, the solicitor general, was due to present a
    three-part plan to combat trafficking today to The Hague of
    Eurojust, which brings together public prosecution services.

    The plan will propose greater protection for victims of
    trafficking, more effective prosecution of traffickers, and seizing
    the proceeds of crime.

    Source:- The Guardian Wednesday 9 February page 2

    Flexible work rights ‘failing middle-aged women’

    A lack of support is forcing women struggling to juggle paid work
    with caring responsibilities to give up on their career ambitions,
    new research has revealed.

    The study finds that women aged between 50 and retirement, who are
    often caring for an elderly parent, teenage children and sometimes
    grandchildren, felt they were missing out on flexible working
    rights now available to parents of young children.

    Source:- The Guardian Wednesday 9 February page 8

    Girl gang leaders get life for murder

    Two Surrey teenagers were jailed for life at the Old Bailey
    yesterday for kicking and beating a man to death.

    The girls, who led a violent gang notorious in the area, were
    ordered to spend a minimum 13 years in jail for the attack on the
    father of one at a drunken party.

    Source:- The Guardian Wednesday 9 February page 9

    Dolly scientist wins human cloning research licence

    A licence to clone human embryos for medical research has been
    awarded to Ian Wilmut, the scientist of created Dolly the
    Wilmut said he planned to use therapeutic cloning to investigate
    the cause of motor neurone disease.

    Source:- The Guardian Wednesday 9 February page 10

    Teachers offered TV ‘help’ channel

    The UK’s first government-funded, public service channel went live
    yesterday, promising to offer on-the-job training to teachers and
    reveal what goes behind the classroom door.

    Teachers’ TV will cost £20 million each year to run.

    Source:- The Guardian Wednesday 9 February page 11

    Lib Dems to fight on freedom platform

    Charles Kennedy published his party’s five-point plan yesterday to
    protect civil liberties.

    He promised to strengthen parliament’s ability to scrutinise
    legislation, adding that each bill would be assessed to see how it
    affected individuals’ rights to privacy.

    Source:- The Guardian Wednesday 9 February page 13

    ‘Ello, ‘ello! Cops get laddish mag

    The new voice of frontline policing is a far cry from Dixon

    Source:- Society Guardian Wednesday 9 February page

    GP tries a dose of the hard life

    Hand to mouth charity stunt raises cash for failed asylum

    Source:- Society Guardian Wednesday 9 February page

    Rough justice

    Councillor who fought to retrieve Porter millions faces Standards

    Source:- Society Guardian Wednesday 9 February page

    Attention seeker

    Lindsay Boswell, head of the Institute of Fundraising, talks about
    how charities can build on the public’s huge response to the
    tsunami appeal

    Source:- Society Guardian Wednesday 9 February page

    Positive results

    Report on a charity that is helping children to understand and cope
    with being HIV positive

    Source:- Society Guardian Wednesday 9 February page

    Office block

    Mismanagement of a vulnerable elderly woman’s finances has led to a
    rebuke for the Whitehall body that was meant to act as her

    Source:- Society Guardian Wednesday 9 February page

    What else can I do?

    With only five GCSEs, Jess fears that career paths are limited if
    she moves on from her job as a CSA caseworker. What are the wider

    Source:- Society Guardian Wednesday 9 February page

    Scottish news

    Quarter of staff in pre-school sector still unqualified

    More than 25 per cent of pre-school and childcare staff in Scotland
    have no formal qualifications, figures from the Scottish executive
    showed yesterday.

    Source:- The Scotsman  Wednesday 9 February

    Poverty-hit pensioners forced to cut back on medicine

    More than 1.6 million older people have been forced to return to
    work because of financial reasons, latest research has found.

    The survey by Prudential UK found that 300,000 older people have
    avoided the doctor and medication to save money and as many as
    160,000 are turning to gambling to boost their earnings.

    Source:- The Scotsman  Wednesday 9 February

    Grandparents to get role in law revamp

    The Scottish executive is to draw up a charter for grandparents
    outlining the role grandparents can play when families break

    However, the announcement will disappoint campaigners who have
    pressed for a legal right of contact for grandparents who can find
    themselves cut off from grandchildren through no fault of their

    Source:- Evening News  Tuesday 8 February

    Condemned estate ‘is plagued by young

    Residents on the Deans South estate in Livingston are becoming the
    victims of antisocial behaviour because of the much publicised
    problems. The estate faces demolition due to structural

    Source:- Evening News  Tuesday 8 February

    One in 100 work in childcare sector

    One in every 100 jobs in Scotland is in childcare, according to
    Scottish executive figures published yesterday.

    The number of jobs in the childcare sector grew by 5 per cent to
    28,150 last year.

    Source:- The Herald  Wednesday 8 February

    Welsh newspapers

    What price good childcare?

    On average parents in Wales pay £120 a week for full-time
    child nursery places, according to a new survey from childcare
    charity the Daycare Trust.

    It is the first time figures for Wales have been produced by the
    charity. It found that the cost of childcare in the UK has risen at
    a much higher rate than inflation.

    Source:- Western Mail Wednesday 9 February

    Labour’s War of the Roses

    The Welsh Assembly government asked the UK cabinet for nearly
    £500 million ‘match funding’ for Wale’s
    European aid programme but to no avail it has been revealed by
    documents release to the Western Mail under the Freedom of
    Information Act.

    Today Plaid Cymru’s economic spokesperson Adam Price MP said
    that the documents showed that the Welsh Assembly government
    disagreed with the European Commission’s view that aid money
    should be matched on a pound for pound basis from tax payers money
    instead agreeing with the Treasury that large amounts of match
    funding should be provided by the private sector.

    The government failed to get all the money transferred to Wales and
    the issue led the Assembly’s first leader Alun Michael losing
    his job five years ago today.

    Source:- Western Mail Wednesday 9 February


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