Community Care’s Election Campaign

    Community Care’s Election 2005 campaign is designed to raise the issue of social care during the coming general election.


    About the campaign: Community Care believes much of the political debate in the run-up to this election will focus on areas that are of prime concern to social care professionals – areas such as crime, education and the public sector workforce.

    But all too often, politicians ignore social care’s central role in these crucial debates. Perhaps it’s because social care’s contribution is complex and difficult to turn into attractive ‘sound bites’? Perhaps senior politicians don’t really understand social care? Or perhaps the solutions to these long-standing social issues seem too complicated and costly to address when politicians are looking for simple messages and easy answers?

    Four key areas: Community Care has decided to focus on four themes in order to prove this central point and try to focus the attention of politicians on social care.

    We have commissioned a report on each of the themes by respected authors who carry authority in the relevant field. Each report will be launched at a parliamentary briefing for MPs at the House of Commons, and will be published in full in Community Care during March.

    These four key themes are:-


    Charles Hendry  
    Charles Hendry at the first
    parliamentary briefing on
             youth crime

    (Click on the subject you are interested in for further information)

    Youth crime and antisocial behaviour


    –  Care for older people



    Click here for articles about the campaign


    Conservative Party manifesto

    Labour Party manifesto

    Liberal Democrat manifesto

    How can I get involved?

    We want as many people as possible to support the Election 2005 campaign. There are several ways you can get involved:


    • Use our local lobbying guide click here to raise the issue with your MP.


    • Email us with your views on the election and on the way the main political parties approach social care. The email address is Your comments will be posted on the Community Care website.

    • Write to your local paper with details of Community Care’s campaign..

    Let us know what’s happening in your area. Community Care wants to hear about what your local politicians are doing in relation to social care  – good and bad. Email us at or write to Community Care, Quadrant House, The Quadrant, Sutton, Surrey, SM2 5AS.



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