Wednesday 16 February 2005

    By Simeon Brody, Derren Hayes and Amy Taylor

    Livingstone claims “Mail” and “Standard”
    provide food for racism

    London mayor Ken Livingstone continued his feud with the Daily Mail
    group by saying they “continue to provide food for racism

    He suggested the group’s wartime owner the first Viscount
    Rothermere would have been “at the front of the queue of
    collaborators” had Hitler defeated Britain.

    Source:- The Independent Wednesday February 16 2005 page

    Big increase in HIV-positive blood donors is revealed

    The number of HIV-positive blood donors has increased to the
    highest level for 16 years. In 2003, 42 people who gave blood were
    found to be unwittingly carrying the HIV virus.

    Source:- The Independent Wednesday February 16 2005 page

    Labour accuse Tories over unethical tests claim

    Conservative shadow health secretary Andrew Lansley described
    medical testing of immigrants as unethical and unnecessary just six
    months ago, Labour claims.

    The Conservatives yesterday pledged to force immigrants to undergo
    medical checks to prevent them becoming a drain on the health

    Source:- Financial Times Wednesday February 16 2005 page

    NHS pay gap widens as chiefs earn more than prime

    Top pay in the NHS is becoming more like that in the
    private sector with the highest paid chief executives earning more
    than the prime minister.

    Pay for chief executives rose between 7 and 7.5 per cent in 2003 to
    2004, over twice the 3.2 per cent rise most staff received,
    according to Income Data Services.

    Source:- Financial Times Wednesday February 16 2005 page

    Exam results improving faster in schools backed by

    Exam results are improving faster in specialist schools than other
    state secondaries.

    An evaluation by Ofsted found specialist schools, which are backed
    by business, demonstrated “an impetus and climate for
    improvement.” But teaching in specialist arts and modern
    language colleges needed to be improved, it said.

    Source:- Financial Times Wednesday February 16 2005 page

    Last stand of a gangmaster

    Breeze blocks, timber and other missiles rained down on police and
    council workmen as they moved in to bulldoze an illegally-built
    hostel for immigrant workers in Gosberton, near Spalding in

    One man threatened to blow up a car by laying a long fuse to its
    petrol tank.

    Source:- Daily Mail Wednesday February 16 2005 page

    Early-release prisoners “send crime rate

    Letting prisoners out of jail early has caused re-offending and
    huge numbers of avoidable crime, according to Home Office

    Almost 60 per cent of adults released from prison are convicted of
    another offence within two years.

    Source:- Daily Mail Wednesday February 16 2005 page

    Murder appeal rests on life of abuse by men

    The Appeal Court in London will hear fresh evidence about the
    psychological effect of years of abuse on Joanne Cole, who was
    convicted of the murder of her former partner four years ago.

    Her legal team believe the case could clarify the law on

    Source:- The Guardian Wednesday February 16 2005 page

    Asylum debate threatens UN refugee scheme

    A groundbreaking UN scheme to five refuge to some of the
    world’s most persecuted refugees in Britain is being
    jeopardised by the corrosive political debate over asylum.

    Councillors from all the main parties have held back from
    volunteering to settle the refugees in their areas.

    Source:- The Guardian Wednesday February 16 2005 page

    Access all areas

    A website allowing disabled people to swap homes for their
    holidays has been launched. The site aims to tackle one of the most
    frustrating problems faced by disabled people.

    Source:- Society Guardian Wednesday February 16 2005
    page 4

    The dog days are gone

    The Albion Estate Residents Group has received an award from the
    Office of the Deputy Prime Minister for making the estate a
    cleaner, greener and safer place.

    Source:- Society Guardian Wednesday February 16 2005
    page 7

    The cost of lost youth

    It is time for Labour to make child poverty and social exclusion
    a priority, former minister Stephen Byers told the audience at the
    Centrepoint 35th anniversary lecture.

    Source:- Society Guardian Wednesday February 16 2005
    page 8

    City centre ban on boy who robbed 16 times in two

    A boy of 11 has been banned from Nottingham city centre after
    carrying out 16 robberies in two months. The boy was placed under
    probation service supervision for 30 months after the court heard
    he had “terrorised” staff and pupils at a school.

    Source: – Daily Telegraph Wednesday February 16 2005
    page 5

    Scottish newspapers

    Free health care sums are £130m out, claim economists

    Leading economists have warned the Scottish executive may have
    underestimated the cost of its free personal care for the elderly
    policy by £130 million a year.

    Jim and Margaret Cuthbert, a husband-and-wife team of economists,
    published evidence which they claimed showed that the
    Executive’s policy was based on flawed research and major

    Source:- The Scotsman Wednesday 16 February

    Island harness wind to chauffer disabled locals

    One of Scotland’s windiest islands is to use its chief
    natural resource to help power a new taxi service for its older and
    disabled residents.

    Although free to disabled users, other islanders will have to pay a
    small hire charge to cover insurance costs.

    Source:- The Scotsman Wednesday 16 February

    £60m black hole in the budget for elderly care

    Ministers have ordered a fresh inquiry into the cost of free care
    for older people as new research indicates original estimates may
    have been out by £60 million a year.

    A paper published yesterday claims that this funding gap will widen
    in years to come, possibly by a further £130 million annually
    by the year 2022.

    Rhona Brankin, deputy health minister, said the executive would
    examine the findings.

    Source:- The Herald Wednesday 16 February

    Welsh newspapers

    Tug-of-love father: I had no option

    A father who went on the run with his daughter in New Zealand
    shortly before her Welsh mother was due to bring her back home said
    that he had no option.

    Steve Jelicich, who is from Auckland, said that he just wanted to
    protect baby Catlin and that he could offer her a better quality of
    life in New Zealand.

    Source:- Western Mail Wednesday 16 February


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