Charity suspended for three months

    An Alzheimer’s charity has been suspended from receiving
    donations, two years after a Charity Commission investigation found
    evidence of misconduct in an allegedly related organisation.

    The Financial Services Authority has suspended the Alzheimer’s
    Association from its register of industrial and provident societies
    for three months for failing in its charitable remit.

    The association is believed to have connections with the
    Alzheimer’s Foundation, which
    was in effect taken over by the Charity Commission in January 2003
    after an investigation found that,
    of nearly £550,000 raised, it had spent less than £65,000
    on charitable activities.

    The Alzheimer’s Association has been forbidden from operating as
    a charity, must not receive donations or grants and will only be
    reinstated if it can prove its charitable purpose when its
    suspension ends.

    The Alzheimer’s Society, the UK’s largest dementia charity,
    welcomed the news saying the matter had caused its members “great

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