Job File: Occupational Therapist

    Job title: Occupational therapist.

    Who’s doing it: Elaine Muddiman.

    Where: Telford & Wrekin Council.

    Job description: Helping people with
    disabilities remain living at home as independently as possible. I
    work two days a week with the OT team doing social services work
    and two days in the housing department.
    Skills/qualifications needed: Occupational therapy is a three-year
    degree course.

    What’s good about the job: The variety. You
    never know when you open a new case what you will find because
    people are so different and even how they react to the same
    physical condition is different each time.
    What’s bad about the job: We are trying to become a paperless
    office. While I understand the need to use computers more and am
    trying my best, I struggle with them.

    Pay: £26,625.

    Grade: On a parity with social worker

    What’s the job like? There is a growing trend
    for housing departments to have an OT on board and I do a lot of
    liaising with the Home Improvement Agency, internal housing
    officers and registered social landowners. If it’s a housing need I
    always do a home visit to assess the person’s home and make sure
    people receive the adapted property they need. I give advice and
    information and provide equipment to help maintain independence. I
    also assess the carer, whether they are paid or a spouse or
    partner, to make sure they are managing in a safe way. A social
    work colleague is often involved. If the referral is a child, we
    have to liaise with numerous people – schools, physiotherapists,
    paediatricians, district nurses and so on. You have to be able to
    accommodate people’s needs and think creatively about
    problem-solving to do this job. You have to adapt to your client’s
    chosen lifestyle and not impose what you think they should be

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