The Change Health Picture Bank


Change, £60-£400 (depending on organisation),

Star Rating: 4/5

Change, a national organisation run by people with learning
difficulties, has produced a bank of pictures to help with
communication on health. It tries to cover all areas of health and
uses some good examples to explain each topic, write Kathleen
Franklin and Colin Gear.

Some of the pictures are clear and easy to understand. However,
some are not so clear, as in the “children taken into care”
section. Some areas of health are difficult to explain with just
pictures and Change has successfully got the messages across.

Some pictures are small but the attached CD allows them to be
enlarged for people with visual impairments.
We liked this book and think that people with learning difficulties
would benefit from using it with health professionals.

Kathleen Franklin and Colin Gear are members of Milton
Keynes People First, a self-advocacy organisation.

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