Campaigners slam Nice guidance on restraint as “wishy washy”

    More mental health patients will die unless the government
    issues guidance that says restraint can only be used for a maximum
    of three minutes, experts have warned, writes Sally

    New Asset  
    David Bennett

    Guidelines published today by the National Institute for
    Clinical Excellence advise that restraint should be used for
    “the shortest time possible”.

    Campaigners have criticised the guidance, saying they are
    disappointed the three-minute rule, recommended in the inquiry
    report into the death of David Bennett, has not be included.

    Bennett died in 1998 after being restrained face down for 25
    minutes at a clinic in Norwich.

    Dr Richard Stone, a member of the inquiry panel, said the
    measure was “just not good enough,” adding it was

    “People will continue dying in these circumstances until
    the NHS has the courage to change this, which they must do

    Violence: The short-term management of disturbed/violent
    behaviour in psychiatric settings and emergency departments


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