Study reveals route out of homelessness

    An approach to housing and support that is tailored to the
    individual is the key to providing a route out of homelessness,
    research has found.

    A study by Glasgow Simon Community, which tracked 28 homeless
    people for a year, finds that homelessness can be resolved by a
    bespoke combination of housing and support, developed as
    circumstances change.

    Researcher Carol McNaughton said 19 of the participants were no
    longer homeless by the end of the year. “With the right support,
    homelessness is a temporary circumstance. It is not an identity for
    people,” she said.

    The report finds that people feel stigmatised by the experience
    particularly when they enter the homelessness system. It also
    identifies barriers to resettlement, including a scarcity of
    housing that matches need and ongoing substance misuse.

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