Social Work and Mental Health

Malcolm Golightley, Learning Matters,

ISBN 1844450163, £15


This book offers succinct descriptions of mental disorders, their
features and treatments. It provides students with the knowledge
and language to function effectively within the medical model.
Golightley describes the social work role clearly, backed up by
strong messages about values and culturally competent practice,
writes Jenny Rees.

Despite not seeing the set activities as being productive for all
students on their own, and wanting the case studies to go further,
I found the conversational style aided accessibility. The link to
specific occupational and academic standards is valuable to
students and trainers, as are the self-help tips. The book doesn’t
provide all the answers but it does ask the right questions of
students and signposts them very neatly to further research and to
sharing, checking out and updating with other professionals.

Jenny Rees is a learning resource centre network
development worker, Herefordshire Council

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