Wednesday 2 March 2005

    By Clare Jerrom, Maria Ahmed, Derren Hayes and Amy

    Men who pay for sex with trafficked girls to face rape charge

    Men who have sex with trafficked prostitutes face prosecution for
    rape under government plans to crack down on the illegal

    The drive to clampdown on trafficking is being led by the solicitor
    general Harriet Harman.

    Source:- The Times  Wednesday 2 March page 24

    Fury over Alzheimer drugs ban

    Cost-cutting plans to deny drugs to thousands of people suffering
    from Alzheimer’s disease were met with anger last

    Although the medicine costs the health service just £2.50 a
    day and can help sufferers have an extra year of quality life, the
    government’s drugs body Nice claims they are too

    Source:- Daily Mail  Wednesday 2 March page 1

    Minister: Muslims must expect

    Home office minister Hazel Blears said last night that British
    Muslims should accept they are more likely to be stopped and
    searched by police.

    Blears said that because terror laws were geared towards dealing
    with Islamist extremists, innocent people of a Middle Eastern
    appearance will be targeted.

    Source:- Daily Mail  Wednesday 2 March page 4

    How cannabis use soared as Labour softened the law

    The number of people caught with cannabis soared after the
    government made possession of the drug a less serious crime.

    There was a 23.5 per cent increase in people being caught with the
    drug after it was downgraded from a Class B to a Class C

    Source:- Daily Mail  Wednesday 2 March page 10

    Why do English parents love their own kids but hate
    everyone else’s?

    The first children’s commissioner for England yesterday said
    that England is one of the least child-friendly countries in the
    world with children more likely to be the subject of intolerance
    than warmth or respect.

    On the first day in his new role, Professor Al Aynsley-Green said
    it was time to challenge the attitude towards children.

    Source:- The Times  Wednesday 2 March page 6

    Howard proposes work permit curbs

    Employers would be forced to provide financial guarantees for staff
    on temporary work permits under Conservative plans to impose tough
    curbs on the “chaotic” immigration system, according to
    proposals set out by Michael Howard yesterday.

    Source:- The Financial Times Wednesday March 2 2005 page

    UK breached human rights law

    The European Court of Human Rights has found that the UK government
    breached human rights law in 43 cases where people were jailed
    after failing to pay local taxes – such as the community
    charge or council tax – or court fines.

    Source:- The Financial Times Wednesday March 2 2005 page

    Asylum seeker numbers fall

    The number of asylum seekers arriving in industrialised countries
    has fallen to its lowest level in 16 years, the UN refugee agency
    said yesterday. About 368,000 people sought asylum in 38 countries
    in Europe, North America and parts of Asia, marking a 22 per cent
    fall over 2003, the office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees
    said in its round-up of asylum data for 2004.

    Source:- The Daily Telegraph Wednesday March 2 page

    Abuse of immigrants at detention centre exposed by BBC

    Asylum-seekers and immigrants were assaulted, racially abused and
    sexually humiliated by private security guards while awaiting
    decisions on their future in Britain, an undercover documentary
    claims today.

    Source:- The Independent Wednesday March 2 2005 page

    Broadmoor detainee close to freedom

    A Muslim held in Broadmoor high security psychiatric hospital as
    a suspected international terrorist could walk free next week after
    three years in detention without charge.

    Palestinian refugee Mahmoud Abu Rideh has been held in Belmarsh and
    Broadmoor high security institutions since December 19, 2001. A
    special hearing will decide whether he can return home to his wife
    and children.

    Yesterday, a mental health tribunal was held at Broadmoor hospital
    with the press and public in attendance by invitation from Abu

    Source:- The Guardian Wednesday March 2 2005 page 6

    Children’s champion attacks

    English society lacks the “warmth” towards children
    that is found in other European countries, according Al
    Aynsley-Green, the first children’s commissioner for England
    who was appointed yesterday.

    Source: – The Guardian Wednesday March 2 2005 page

    Fathers get raw deal on child access, say

    Separated and divorced fathers get a raw deal from the family
    justice system in England and Wales, a committee of MPS conclude in
    a report today.

    The constitutional affairs committee said there was no
    “conscious” bias in the courts against
    “non-resident” parents, but failings in the system made
    it difficult for them to keep contact with their children.

    Source:- The Guardian Wednesday March 2 2005 page

    Guiding plight

    As the government’s green paper on youth draws near, the
    future looks bleak for Connexions, the one-stop help and advice
    shop for young people.

    Source:- Society Guardian Wednesday March 2 2005 page

    Scope for improvement

    Disability charity Scope shifts its policy towards

    Source:- Society Guardian Wednesday March 2 2005 page

    Paedophilia movie praised

    US film The Woodsman treads a fine line between horror and

    Source:- Society Guardian Wednesday March 2 2005 page

    Boxing clever over the ballot

    Drive to cut democratic deficit for adults with learning

    Source:- Society Guardian Wednesday March 2 2005 page

    Going with the flow

    Mamphela Ramphele, partner of murdered anti-apartheid leader
    Steve Biko, says why the challenges of migration should be managed,
    not feared.

    Source:- Society Guardian Wednesday March 2 2005 page

    An inside job

    Homelessness charity the St Giles Trust trains prisoners to
    offer housing advice to fellow inmates.

    Source:- Society Guardian Wednesday March 2 2005 page

    Enter the boy zone

    Milltown boys, the fortysomething men from a rough Welsh council
    estate compare their early criminal activities to Monty Python and
    berate the youth of today.

    Source:- Society Guardian Wednesday March 2 2005 page

    Controlling interest

    In Control, a pilot scheme that puts care service users in far
    greater charge of their own funding budgets is proving popular and

    Source:- Society Guardian Wednesday March 2 2005 page

    Scottish news

    Council waives care bills after blunder

    A Scottish council has had to write off £16,000 worth of home
    care charges because of a mix up over bills during a department

    But East Renfrewshire Council has announced an increase in charges
    of almost 8 per cent from April. The confusion hit 1,000 users of
    home care services, 1,400 for community alarms and 185 for meals on

    Source:- The Herald Wednesday 2 March

    Care home crisis as owners feel squeeze

    New government statistics published this week offered further
    evidence of a crisis in the number of care home places.

    It showed a 2.8 per cent drop in beds over the past four years
    leading to warnings from campaign groups the drop would exacerbate
    bed-blocking in hospitals, with more operations being cancelled
    because there are not enough homes to take discharged

    The Scottish Care Homes Census, which covers March 2000 to
    September 2004, shows that the majority of private care homes which
    closed were small operators, with an average of 22 beds.

    Source:- The Herald Wednesday 2 March

    Welsh newspapers

    More Asbos are called for as Wales trails England by 50 per

    North Wales police are trying to “catch up” on the
    number of antisocial behaviour orders given out after new figures
    revealed England has issued nearly 50 per cent more Asbos than

    Richie Eccles, chair of the Welsh Police Federation, said Asbos
    would only be applied in appropriate circumstances in North Wales,
    where he works, but that the low number of Asbos in Wales was
    unlikely to be due to less bad behaviour than in England.

    Source:- Western Mail Wednesday 2 March



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