Thursday 3 March 2005

    By Maria Ahmed, Derren Hayes and Amy Taylor

    Abuse of detainees puts asylum policy in the spotlight

    A BBC film showing asylum seekers being assaulted, racially abused
    and sexually humiliated by guards has prompted demands for a public
    debate into how government policy is fuelling human rights abuses
    and miscarriages of justice.

    The film, broadcast last night, has generated adverse publicity for
    Global Solutions, one of the government’s largest
    contractors, which run Oakington detention centre near Cambridge
    and the in-country escorting contract featured in the undercover

    Source:- The Financial Times Thursday 3 March 2005 page

    Give killers the vote’

    Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy was accused of ‘crazy
    political correctness’ last night after arguing that
    prisoners should be given the right to vote. Kennedy said:
    “We believe that citizens are citizens, full

    Source:- The Daily Mail Thursday 3 March 2005 page 4

    MMR ‘is cleared over causing rise in

    The MMR vaccine is not responsible for rapid, widespread increases
    in autism, experts said yesterday.

    But they said they still cannot rule out that it may trigger the
    problem in a small minority of children. Research on 30,000
    children in Yokohama, Japan, showed that autism continued to rise
    after the triple MMR vaccine was replaced with single jabs.

    Source:- The Daily Mail Thursday 3 March 2005 page 5

    Euro judges take pity on the paedophile who found it
    stressful waiting to face trial…and award him

    A convicted paedophile has been awarded nearly £6,000 by the
    European Court of Human Rights because his trial was delayed for
    too long. Former barrister Rupert Massey was jailed for six years
    for sexually abusing three schoolboys.

    Source:- The Daily Mail Thursday 3 March 2005 page

    Boss traps a salesman downloading child porn

    Theresa Portman, a company director in Cornwall was forced to pay
    for a CCTV camera to catch Tim Bozman, one of her workers,
    downloading child pornography from an office computer after police
    failed to act.

    Source:- The Daily Mail Thursday 3 March 2005 page 5

    Mother denies plot to kill terminally ill son

    The mother of the terminally ill 10-year-old boy suffocated by his
    father with a pillow after she left him alone in the house denied
    yesterday that she knew her husband intended to kill him. Giving
    evidence at the trial of Andrew Wragg for the murder of their

    Jacob, Mary Wragg said: “I didn’t expect to return to
    find Jacob dead.”

    Source:- The Guardian Thursday 3 March 2005 page 4

    £52,000 – the cost of bringing up baby

    Pregnancy & Birth magazine has said the average cost of
    bringing up a baby to the age of five is £52,000, based on the
    average parent spending in Mothercare.

    Source:- The Guardian Thursday 3 March 2005 page 5

    Prisoner freed in armed raid

    A prisoner escaped yesterday after his guards were held at gunpoint
    while they were taking him from hospital to prison in a taxi in
    Salford, Greater Manchester.

    Source:- The Guardian Thursday 3 March 2005 page 7

    Abused prisoner was driven to suicide

    A prisoner in a maximum security jail was driven to kill himself
    because the staff did nothing to stop other inmates from verbally
    abusing him, an inquest jury found yesterday. Paul Day from
    Basildon, Essex, was found hanged in his cell in the segregation
    unit of Frankland prison, Durham, in October 2002.

    Source:- The Guardian Thursday 3 March 2005 page 11

    Internet porn swamps police

    Police are spending so much time dealing with internet child
    pornography that child abuse inquiries are falling by the wayside,
    a report by the HM Inspectorate of Constabulary said.

    Source:- The Daily Telegraph Thursday 3 March 2005 page

    Gene linked to dyslexia in children

    A gene likely to be one cause of dyslexia in children has been
    discovered, providing insights into the biochemistry of reading and
    writing, a team at Cardiff University have found.

    Source:- The Daily Telegraph Thursday 3 March 2005 page

    Rethink over Gypsies’ camp

    A family of Irish travellers secured a High Court victory yesterday
    against a decision by John Prescott that they must leave a private
    campsite that they unlawfully set up in the metropolitan greenbelt
    in Kent.

    Robert Simmons, the head of the extended family, won orders
    requiring planning authorities to reconsider his case.

    Source: – The Times Thursday 3 March 2005 page 2

    Cramped prison ship will close

    Britain’s only prison ship is to close nine years after she
    opened as an emergency measure to deal with overcrowded jails in
    England and Wales. The Prison Service will start running down Her
    Majesty’s Prison Weare this year as new jail accommodation
    becomes available.

    Source:- The Times Thursday 3 March 2005 page 26

    Scottish news

    Schools failing to control bad behaviour

    Many of Scotland’s secondary schools are failing to do enough
    to cope with bad behaviour in the classroom, inspectors have
    Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Education found there was
    “significant scope for improvement … in the management of
    behaviour” in just over half of Scotland’s high

    The report found the majority of disruptive behaviour involved
    talking and using mobile phones during class.

    Source:- The Scotsman Thursday 3 March.

    Welsh news

    Sex offenders’ open prison to go ahead

    Prisons minister Paul Goggins told campaigners that he would not
    halt a scheme that involves moving sex offenders from a closed
    prison to an open one yesterday.

    Forty sex offenders are due to eventually be moved from Usk closed
    prison to Prescoed open jail.

    An offender escaped in the scheme’s first week of

    Source:- Western Mail Thursday 3 March

    Young mums challenge prejudice

    Young mothers in Wales experience prejudice due to people holding
    stereotypical views, a women’s charity claimed

    YWCA is seeking to end people thinking that a young mother will be
    a lone parent dependent on state benefits.

    Source:- Western Mail Thursday 3 March


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