Glasgow baulks at asylum seeker costs

    Glasgow Council has warned the Scottish executive that it may
    have to cut services unless it receives extra funding to meet the
    added costs of supporting asylum seekers.

    The council, the only one in Scotland to accept asylum seekers
    under the National Asylum Support Service dispersal scheme, wants
    the executive to pick up the tab for the added education, housing,
    policing and social services costs it incurs for accommodating
    asylum seekers.

    A source told Community Care the council had met the Convention of
    Scottish Local Authorities and the executive to discuss the issue.
    The source denied the council had threatened to withdraw from the
    dispersal scheme, as had been suggested in some newspapers. The
    source added: “There is an issue of service delivery to the public.
    Discussions about how much it is costing, funding priorities and
    configuration of services are ongoing.”

    Since 2000, more than 11,000 asylum seekers have been dispersed to
    Glasgow. In England, councils can bid for extra funding to put
    towards the added costs of providing services for asylum

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