Tuesday 8 March 2005

By Maria Ahmed, Derren Hayes and Amy Taylor

Girl aged six ‘unhappy with weight’

By the age of six, most girls are now dissatisfied with their
bodies and want to be thinner, researchers have claimed

Hayley Dohnt and Marika Tiggemann from Flinders University, South
Australia said the girl’s belief that “thin is
beautiful” can stem from watching pop stars on television or
comments made while trying on clothes.

Source:- The Independent Tuesday 8 March 2005 page 8

Surrender to the Gypsies, Prescott orders town halls

John Prescott yesterday told town halls to go easy on Gypsies who
set up home in defiance of planning rules. Travellers and Gypsies
may be suffering racial discrimination at the hands of planners,
the Deputy Prime Minister’s Office said. It suggested
councils grant

Gypsies special rights to build homes in the countryside and draw
back from evicting those who build camps or homes.

Source:- The Daily Mail Tuesday 8 March 2005 page 2

You betrayed thousands of disabled children, Mr Blair

The mother of an autistic boy launched a devastating attack on Tony
Blair yesterday, saying she would never trust him again. Maria
Hutchings accused the prime minister of betraying her 10-year-old
son and thousands of disabled pupils by denying them proper special
needs education.

Source:- The Daily Mail Tuesday 8 March 2005 page 16

Why nursing homes could be swamped

Thousands of Alzheimer’s sufferers will be forced into
nursing homes earlier in their illness if a ban on drug treatment
is approved, warn doctors.

Source:- The Daily Mail Tuesday 8 March 2005 page 24

Immigration service is forced to compensate migrant over
‘unfair treatment’

An Albanian asylum seeker has been awarded £6,000 compensation
from the government over its attempt to deport him.

Source:- The Daily Mail Tuesday 8 March 2005 page 35

Who says my life is worthless?

Doctors told her parents to let her die. Today, she’s one of
the wittiest and outspoken figures in the House of Lords. Baroness
Chapman attacks the cruel folly of Labour’s euthanasia

Source:- The Daily Mail Tuesday 8 March 2005 pages

Scottish newspapers

Cities seek tougher stance on beggars

Glasgow Council wants the Scottish Executive to change the law on
street trading so that Big Issue sellers, market researchers and
buskers would need a licence.

In a separate move, Edinburgh has started a public consultation on
a proposed civic code which would alter the capital’s by-laws
allowing officials to deal with public drinking, begging and other
street nuisances.

Officials in Glasgow said they had received a flood of complaints
from the public, but there was little they could do because they
had no enforcement powers.

Source:- The Herald Tuesday 8 March

Care home assault inquiry dropped

An investigation into claims that care home staff physically
assaulted pupils in their care has been dropped.

The procurator-fiscal has decided not to proceed, following the
claims made against staff at the Kibble education and care centre,

Dozens of staff, pupils and former pupils were questioned by police
after a staff member made the claims last July.

Source:- The Herald Tuesday 8 March

Family barred from own home under Antisocial Behaviour

A nuisance home owner has been banned from his house for three
months under new powers being used for the first time in

Andrew Gordon and his son Phillip are banned from entering the
Dunfermline house under an antisocial behaviour order, following
two years of noise and disruption caused by visitors.

The action came after neighbours had to suffer drinking,
drug-taking and fights between youths who used the house while
Phillip Gordon’s father was away.

Source:- The Scotsman Tuesday 8 March

Nurse fought off knife woman

A woman who had already served two prison sentences for stabbing a
doctor and a social worker has admitted a third attack on a

Joan McGlone, who has a pathological hatred of the medical
profession, sneaked into Monklands Hospital in Airdrie and attacked
Monica McCafferty with a knife.

The High Court in Glasgow heard that McCafferty had to fend off the
attack with a zimmer frame.

Source:- Daily Record Tuesday 8 March

Welsh newspapers

Doctors prescribe for Wales

Doctors have called on politicians to guarantee that they will
provide public health policies to eradicate the health inequalities
that exist in Wales.

The call comes in the British Medical Association’s
pre-general election manifesto which outlines key areas of
improvement for the NHS.

Source:- Western Mail Tuesday 8 March

Overworked women facing health worries

Welsh women trying to combine long working hours with bringing up a
family could be putting their physical and mental health at risk
the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists warned today.

The warning has been prompted by new figures revealing that
full-time women workers are doing as many as 39.2 hours at work in

Source:- Western Mail Tuesday 8 March

Anger over Scope’s ‘betrayal’

Disability charity Scope has announced plans to shut down its last
homes in Wales to focus on campaigning.

The 11 flats, located in the upmarket Cyncoed district of Cardiff,
are being shut down and the land sold off. The residents had been
under the impression that their homes were going to be redeveloped
on the same site.

Source:- Western Mail Tuesday 8 March


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