Book Review: What is Social Work? Context and Perspectives

Nigel Horner, Learning Matters

ISBN 903300827, £14


If you work or have an interest in helping others develop
a good understanding in social work, social care or social welfare,
this book will provide a well-referenced, and user-friendly
introductory text, writes Vasalee Crawford.

The book is “for social work students beginning to develop their
skills and understanding of the subject in order to meet the
requirements of practice”. It meets the needs of this group very

The definitions and the historical analysis of social work
perspectives are clearly documented. Horner has used his knowledge
of the related law and practice to give a precise analytical view
of historical developments of services.

The three concise appendices, of which “Timeline for the
Development of Social Work” is second to none, should form part of
any student quick reference guide.

Vasalee Crawford is a service manager for guardians’ body
Cafcass and an NVQ assessor and practice teacher

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