Charities clash over large contracts idea

    Voluntary sector leaders clashed last week over whether
    charities should take on large contracts to provide public

    Paul Streets, chief executive of Diabetes UK, told a London
    social care conference that such moves could see many smaller
    charities go under in favour of bigger organisations, which could
    compete for big contracts.

    His comments follow a ruling by the Charity Commission allowing
    charities to deliver whole services that public bodies previously
    had a duty to provide.

    He said: “I have watched in some distress as politicians have
    put forward voluntary sector organisations as the future of public
    service provision.”

    He was also concerned that charities’ campaigning role could be
    compromised if large contracts were at stake.

    However, Turning Point chief executive Lord Victor Adebowale
    said his charity remained a campaigning organisation despite
    receiving most of its income from government contracts.

    He said: “It’s false to argue that because you receive money
    from government it stops your ability to campaign. Your democratic
    right to tell that story will be protected wherever you get your
    money from.”


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