Wednesday 9 March 2005

    By Maria Ahmed, Amy Taylor and Derren Hayes

    Racism ‘still at the core of the police service’

    More than five years after the murder of Stephen Lawrence murder
    inquiry, another major report has concluded that racism is still at
    the heart of the police service. The Commission for Racial Equality
    found that police forces in England and Wales were still
    “frozen solid at the core” in their attempts to handle
    race issues.

    Source:- The Independent Wednesday 9 March 2005 page

    Officers at private jail ‘ignored heroin

    Prison officers at Kilmarnock prisoner turned a blind eye to heroin
    abuse and endangered lives by pretending to make checks on suicidal
    inmates, an undercover BBC documentary at a privately run jail
    claims today.

    A reporter found that officers at the prison, where seven prisoners
    have killed themselves since it opened in 1999, failed to make the
    regulation half-hourly checks on potentially suicidal inmates. The
    prison is one of five run by the Premier Custodial Group, which
    also operated three secure centres for young offenders.

    Source:- The Independent Wednesday 9 March 2005 page

    Race case award

    A black housing officer who claimed she was passed over for
    promotion 11 times in two years, was awarded £82,050,95.

    Caroline Duncan told the Commission for Racial Equality that she
    had endured racial discrimination and victimisation at Sandwell
    Council in the West Midlands.

    Source:- The Times Wednesday 9 March 2005 page 9

    Babysitter murdered boy by hitting his head on

    A babysitter faces life in jail after she was found guilty
    yesterday of murdering a toddler by repeatedly ramming his head
    against a banister rail.

    Suzanne Holdsworth had been looking after two-year-old Kyle Fisher
    at her home in Hartlepool, Teeside, last July.

    Source:- The Times Wednesday 9 March 2005 page 27

    Only one out of 15 asylum seekers deported

    Only one out of every 15 asylum seekers whose claims have failed
    are deported from Britain it was revealed last night.

    Just 4, 100 out of 62, 700 such asylum seekers were deported
    immigration minister Des Browne admitted in a parliamentary
    question yesterday.

    Source:- Daily Mail Wednesday March 9 page 20

    Paedophile with long list of sex attacks was given
    school cleaning job

    A paedophile got a job as a cleaner in a church school despite
    having a history of sex offences, a jury heard yesterday.

    Jim Aldous, 63, was first convicted in 1957 for sexually assaulting
    a seven-year-old girl.

    He got a job as a cleaner at St Bede’s school in Cambridge in

    Aldous was jailed for life for sexually assaulting  four boys at
    Cambridge Crown Court yesterday.

    Source:- The Daily Telegraph Wednesday 9 March page

    Clarke: despot or realist?

    Home secretary reveals his frustration at criticism

    If Labour wins a third term and Charles Clarke keeps his job he
    would like to tackle big issues such as health and education in
    He said: ”We are the government of health and education. Who
    has the least? Those in the penal system.”

    Source:- The Guardian Wednesday 9 March 2005 page 4

    Couple ‘had death pact’ over sick son

    Andrew Wragg killed his terminally ill son after he and his wife
    agreed the boy’s death was for the best, a court heard
    yesterday. On the sixth day of his trail for the murder of his
    10-year-old son, Jacob, Wragg said his wife, Mary, from whom he is
    now divorced “was completely aware” of what was
    happening on the night of the murder.

    Source:- The Guardian Wednesday 9 March 2005 page 11

    Clash of ideals

    Against the odds, a Hull cooperative set up 20 years ago by a group
    of ‘green anarchists’ is still providing quality,
    affordable housing. That’s precisely what ministers want
    – so why are the authorities preparing to knock them

    Source:- The Society Guardian Wednesday 9 March 2005 page

    Risk strategy

    Police and health professionals are poles apart on how best to deal
    with potentially dangerous mentally ill people.

    Source:- The Society Guardian Wednesday 9 March 2005 pages

    Sisters of mercy

    Community matrons aim to keep sick or disabled elderly people out
    of hospital by providing care in their own homes and improving
    their quality of life.

    Source:- The Society Guardian Wednesday 9 March 2005 page

    Will Blair’s pledge to disabled children be met? He
    still has a few options.

    Source:- The Society Guardian Wednesday 9 March 2005 page

    On the pile

    Cuts in funding have sounded the death knell for Tottenham House in
    Wiltshire, a stately home that serves as a residential support unit
    for troubled young people – and more closures will

    Source:- The Society Guardian Wednesday 9 March 2005 page

    The challenge of trying to raise awareness about the abuse
    of older people

    Source:- The Society Guardian Wednesday 9 March 2005 page

    Isle of smiles

    Even the remotest communities can successfully integrate asylum
    seekers – a report from Shetland.

    Source:- The Society Guardian Wednesday 9 March 2005 page

    Scottish news

    Plea to give deafblind same aid as in south

    Deafblind campaigners are to lobby the Scottish Parliament to
    demand the same assistance as is given in England.

    Margaret Mitchell, the Conservative MSP who is devoting a member’s
    debate to the issue, accused the executive of failing to meet the
    special needs of deafblind people in Scotland, unlike Westminster
    which put in place special help for sufferers such as a programme
    of assessment and properly trained communicators.

    Source:- The Herald Wednesday 9 March

    Heroin addict whose baby died is given one-year

    Politicians have criticised a one-year jail sentence given to a
    heroin addict whose baby died of blood poisoning from nappy

    SNP MSP Alex Neil called Mary Pickering’s sentence “too
    lenient”. Pickering admitted willfully neglecting her three month
    old baby, who died from septicaemia, between December 2002 and 9
    March 2003.

    Source:- The Scotsman Wednesday 9 March

    Offenders to be hounded for cash ‘so crime doesn’t

    The Scottish executive is to give new powers to councils to claim
    on behalf of victims compensation from criminals up to five years
    after being convicted.

    The new proposal is contained in the Executive’s Management
    of Offenders Bill, which will bring in a range of new measures in
    an attempt to reduce Scotland’s high re-offending rates. It
    will be used alongside tagging for low-risk prisoners and new
    restrictions to make sure sex offenders are kept under licence when
    they leave prison.

    Source:- The Scotsman Wednesday 9 March

    Scandal carer in fight for job

    A care home assistant fired over claims she abused an older
    resident says she was unfairly sacked.

    Margaret Williams was axed after the Daily Record secretly filmed
    her shouting and swearing at the man. The footage was played at an
    industrial tribunal in the city, but Williams claimed comments had
    been taken out of context and she had been joking with the

    Source:- Daily Record Wednesday 9 March

    Welsh news

    Assembly urged to fund more childcare

    There are just 3, 600 registered childcare places for children
    under eight-years-old in Wales, experts revealed today.

    This is equivalent to one place per seven children. The revelation
    comes in a report by the Bevan Foundation and the Equal
    Opportunities Commission Wales.

    Source:- Western Mail Wednesday 9 March

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