Friday 11 March 2005

By Maria Ahmed, Simeon Brody, Clare Jerrom and Amy

Nurse jailed for raping patient

A nurse who was cleared by a hospital inquiry of indecently
assaulting two patients but then went on to rape a third was jailed
for 10 years yesterday.

Josiah Oladele obtained his job in a psychiatric ward of St
Thomas’ Hospital, south London, despite having previous
convictions for violence and dishonesty.

Source:- The Daily Telegraph Friday 11 March 2005 page

Elderly are being left to struggle with chip and pin, say

Credit card companies and banks are not doing enough vulnerable
customers struggling with chip and pin, charities claim

Consumer groups and charities for older and disabled people say the
numbers of people unable to cope with the new system may be much
higher than first thought. New research published in the British
Medical Journal has shown that even the mildest cognitive
impairment can make it difficult to recall personal identity

Source: – The Daily Telegraph Friday 11 March 2005 page

Daughter wins right to sue over ‘sex

A young woman who says her father “ruined her life” by
raping and sexually abusing her when she was a child has won the
right to sue him for compensation.

The woman, in her 20’s and from Bristol, says her father
regularly abused her father regularly abused her from the age of 11
and raped her when she was 15.

At the Court of Appeal in London, judges heard that the woman
– referred to in court only as “B” – still lived
in fear of harassment and meeting her father by chance.

Source: – The Daily Telegraph Friday 11 March 2005 page

Suicide rate is the lowest for 30 years

Suicide rates in Britain are at their lowest level for 30 years
despite the soaring divorce rate, but a high proportion of them
take place in seaside towns.

There were 5,755 adult suicides in Britain in 2003, said the Office
for National Statistics – the lowest total since 1973.

Source: – The Daily Telegraph Friday 11 March 2005 page

Language study for all primary pupils planned

Every primary school pupil could have the chance to learn a foreign
language at school as part of a £115 million government
package to be unveiled today.

Source:- The Guardian Friday 11 March 2005 page 6

Line drawn at pencil cases

Pencil cases have been banned from St Anne’s primary school
in Denton, Manchester, to stop pupils using them to smuggle in

The ruling follows an incident in which a nine-year-old boy was
injured by a letter opener during “boisterous play”
with another child.

Source:- The Guardian Friday 11 March 2005 page 8

Teenagers who killed friend with scythes get life

Three teenagers were jailed for life at Sheffield crown court
yesterday, for butchering a friend with two large farming scythes
after a quarrel on a camping trip.

The trio, including a girl aged 15 at the time, stole the murder
weapons from a country churchyard.

Source:- The Guardian Friday 11 March 2005 page 13

Half of serious injury patients receive inappropriate

Thousands of patients with head or spinal injuries are transferred
out of specialist units too early or treated in the wrong type of
hospital ward, the Department of Health admitted.

More than half the 7,000 people needing surgery for traumatic or
serious injury in England each year receive inappropriate care,
according to the NHS service framework for people with long-term
health conditions.

Source:- The Guardian Friday 11 March 2005 page 13

Prison cells and care homes escape Scotland’s smoking

Psychiatric and care homes, oil rigs and prison cells will be
exempt from Scotland’s proposed public smoking ban, ministers
have revealed.

Source:- The Guardian Friday 11 March 2005 page 13

Terror suspect freed after three years

An Algerian national, held as a terror suspect without trial for
three years under anti-terrorism laws was freed last night of
strict bail conditions.

Another eight Muslim held in similar conditions are likely to be
released today.

Source:- Financial Times Friday 11 March 2005 page 4

Travellers’ great eviction loophole

Travellers can defy attempts to evict them from illegal sites if
they claim they are ill or their car or caravan has broken

The loopholes emerged in guidance for local authorities from the

Source:- Daily Mail Friday 11 March 2005 page 10

Under 18s face ban on buying knives

The age limit for buying knives and replica guns will be raised
from 16 to 18 and habitual drunks will be banned from town centres,
under new government plans.

Mandatory drug testing will also be introduced for everyone
arrested in 100 high-crime areas.

Source:- Daily Mail Friday 11 March 2005 page 19

Scottish news

Prisoners to have choice of smoking in their cells

Prisoners will be given the choice as to whether they want to smoke
in their cells, it emerged yesterday.

One of the areas not covered by the smoking ban – which is expected
to be in place by next spring – is prisons and inmates will be able
to choose if they want smoking or non-smoking rooms.

Older people and the terminally ill will also be able to smoke in
their own rooms in residential homes and hospices.

Source:- The Scotsman  Friday 11 March

SNP proposes to bring down cost of nursery education

The SNP yesterday unveiled plans that parents would only have to
pay for 30 per cent of pre-school childcare costs.

The party said it would give the money directly to nursery
education providers to help them keep their charges down.

Source:- The Scotsman  Friday 11 March

Demo set for women’s jail

The Socialist Women’s Network is organising a demonstration
outside Cornton Vale prison near Stirling this weekend to campaign
against women with mental health problems and addictions being
locked up.

Source:- Evening News  Thursday 10 March

MSPs call for tougher laws on internet
‘grooming’ by paedophiles

Ministers were yesterday urged to tighten new legislation designed
to curb internet paedophiles.

Holyrood’s Justice 2 committee endorsed the general
principles in the protection of Children and Prevention of Sexual
Offences (Scotland) Bill but said it did not go far enough.

Source:- The Scotsman  Friday 11 March

Family deportation on hold after schools organise

The deportation of an asylum seeking family was put on hold
yesterday when pupils at a secondary school in Glasgow

Home Office officials took Sadush and Tade Murselaj and their three
children from their home on Sunday after their asylum application
was rejected.

Hundreds of children at Drumchapel High School signed a pledge to
support the family and the Home Office agreed to review the case
after the petition was passed to the department.

Source:- The Herald  Friday 11 March

Welsh newspapers

School bans mobile after bullying by text

A school in Wales has banned its pupils from taking mobile phones
to school because of bullying by text messages.

Sue Gruffydd, assistant head-teacher at Duffryn High School in
Newport, said that the text bullying was a big problem at the
school because it was difficult to prove.

Source:- Western Mail Friday 11 March


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