Work needed to create IT system by 2007, Bichard warns

A huge amount of work needs to take place to create a national
IT system for England and Wales to support police intelligence by
2007, Sir Michael Bichard warned today, writes Amy


Bichard, who chaired the inquiry into how Ian Huntley got a job
as a school caretaker in Soham, added that he is concerned that the
government’s submission of the detailed business case for the
IT system has been delayed from March to September.  This was a key
recommendation in his June 2004 original report.

Bichard, who makes the comments in a review of the
government’s progress on his recommendations, said that a
great deal of work was needed to deliver a scheme barring those who
should not work with children by the same deadline.

“Although there is commitment to a new scheme for barring
those who should not work with children…that project still
needs to be delivered by 2007. The resources for this have not yet
been allocated; the legislation will need to be taken through
parliament and the scheme will need to ensure that it is easily
accessed by those employing workers including parents recruiting,
for example, an out of school tutor,” he said.

Bichard originally recommended for a registration scheme for all
those working with children to be set up but said he endorsed the
government’s plans to create the barring scheme instead.

Copies of the review and original report and recommendations


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