Book Review – Welcoming children into your neighbourhood


Jane Espley, BAAF

ISBN 1903699614


Star Rating: 3/5

This clear and concise 20-page pamphlet, targeted at lay people in
the community, encourages them to show empathy and understanding to
adopted children, fostered children and young asylum seekers who
move into their area, writes Geoff Corbishley.

To succeed, this pamphlet must have a wide readership – it is
seeking to change views and challenge prejudice.

It is expensive for its size, of no real use to professionals,
yet possibly too long to be read by lay people, who may only have a
casual interest.

If it could be compressed into a more succinct, cheaper leaflet
and distributed widely, it may achieve the readership it needs to

Geoff Corbishley is a professional foster carer.

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