Tuesday 5 April 2005

By Maria Ahmed, Sally Gillen and Derren Hayes

Teenager jailed

A teenager who took part in the stabbing to death of a 15-year-old
boy has been jailed for up to 10 years.

Lasells Hazel 17, from Fulham, west London, was sentenced at the
Old Bailey for the manslaughter of Kieran Rodney-David.

Source: – The Times Tuesday 5 April 2005 page 6

Hind plans a radical shake-up

Andrew Hind, the chief executive of the Charity Commission, says he
wants to repackage information from individual organisations into
best practice advice for all

Source: – The Times Public Agenda Tuesday 5 April 2005
page 9

Swearing in public may cost tenants their home

All new tenants at the Hollingdean estate in Brighton will be
required to sign a contract agreeing, among other things, not to
use foul language in public. Any who repeatedly flout the agreement
could lose their homes, under an initiative by police, residents
and the local council to crack down on antisocial behaviour.

Source: – The Guardian Tuesday 5 April 2005 page 2

Climbie plans ‘underfunded’

Ministers’ plans to strengthen child protection in response
to the murder of Victoria Climbie are under-funded and key elements
of the programme are not properly thought through, a cross-party
committee of MPs warns today.

The Commons education and skills select committee says the
government’s response to Lord Laming’s report on the
eight-year-old’s death is “ambitious and

Source: – The Guardian Tuesday 5 April 2005 page 4

Special Met unit for baby deaths

The Metropolitan police has announced that the deaths of all
children under two years old in London will be investigated by a
specialist unit, following recommendations made by Helena
Kennedy’s expert panel on sudden infant deaths.

The child abuse investigation command, set up in 2001, will take on
the task.

Source: – The Guardian Tuesday 5 April 2005 page 8

Booze culture targeted

Cut-price alcohol promotions in pubs and clubs should be banned to
curb drink-fuelled antisocial behaviour, according to a report by
the Home Affairs select committee published today.

Source: – The Guardian Tuesday 5 April 2005 page 9

Television ‘turns children into bullies’

The more television pre-school children watch, the more likely they
are to become bullies, according to a study of 1,266 children aged
six to 11 in The Archives of Paediatric and Adolescent Medicine

Source: – The Independent Tuesday 5 April 2005 page

Labour focuses on antisocial behaviour and violent

The government’s policy shift in the criminal justice

Source: – The Financial Times Tuesday 5 April 2005 page

Scottish news

Councils find it hard to cope on parent orders

An investigation by the Herald shows local authorities in Scotland
are struggling with the introduction of parenting orders.

The orders which were introduced yesterday will force parents who
have “deliberately or recklessly” failed their children to accept
support if they have not agreed to it voluntarily or face jail.

However, when The Herald contacted all 32 councils, most were
unclear about when they had to have policies set out.

Source:- The Herald Tuesday 5 April

Mumps warning

A major outbreak of mumps in Scotland is continuing to hit
teenagers and young adults.

There were 335 cases in January and February, compared to 163
during the same two months in 2004. Teens and young adults, who
missed out on the MMR jab as babies, have been most affected.

Source:- Daily Record Tuesday 5 April

Welsh news

Hundreds of primary schools ‘at risk’

Two hundred primary schools could close within five years, an
education expert has warned.

Professor David Reynolds, of Exeter University, said: “If
people don’t think creatively about we could support the
schools but instead just proceed to shut them, then I fear that one
in six, one on seven of the rural primaries that are small will
simply be taken out.”

He said the policy of closing schools in Wales contrasted with the
situation in England.

Source:- Western Mail Tuesday 5 April 2005

Paedophile jailed for four years on the run

A paedophile who went on the run after being convicted of sexually
attacking a boy has been caught.

Eric Peachey, of Asberystwyth, was convicted on assaulting the
nine-year-old boy on three occasions when he was working as a
primary school cleaner.

He was found guilty at Swansea Crown Court but fled to Ireland when
he was granted bail. He was arrested by Irish Garda in 2002 and

He was given a nine-month sentence at Swansea Crown Court and
banned from working with children.

Source:- Western Mail Tuesday 5 April 2005

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