Why I love my job – Lucy Steels-Walshaw

I have worked for Compass for two and half years, having come from
a background in youth work. My job involves working in a drop-in
with a needle exchange, as well as one-to-one counselling.

Over the past year my working environment has changed from a dark,
small, old drop-in to a large, spacious, light area over the road.

As well as raising the profile of Compass in the city and making
clients and staff alike feel more worthwhile, it gave me a new
sense of motivation for a job I love.

The main reason I love my job is the clients. They make the job
completely different every day. The ones I see are a diverse group
with as diverse a group of issues.

I see clients at many stages of their drug use with various levels
of motivation. The satisfaction I derive from seeing clients make
just small, positive changes in their lives is immense. As well as
working with clients on serious issues there are the times when we
laugh about things.

Then there are my colleagues. I have never worked in a team with
about 20 people and so little animosity. As we all work so well
together it is useful always to have someone to discuss issues,
ideas and difficult cases with.

It can be a frustrating job especially when clients are desperate
for help but, because of waiting times or council legislation, have
to be sent away still wanting or needing something.

As my colleagues also experience the same problems, we can share
the frustrations and help each other deal with the pressures of the

If I had to describe my job in three words they would be
challenging, rewarding and fun.

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