The Big Question

Len Smith
Gypsy activist

My work, which is voluntary, directly interacts with this
government’s social policies, as well as trying to influence them.
I am encouraged by the broad thrust, particularly on social
inclusion. Contrasted with the Opposition’s declared aims, such as
the intention to scrap the Human Rights Act, Labour’s policies are
generally good.

Kierra Box
Young people’s activist

Education, health and social care have all seen increased fees and
privatisation, while the treatment of big issues such as asylum has
pandered to the Middle England vote without any attempt to create
an ethical, workable policy. It is an election fought on negative
attacks rather than the positive achievements of the

Angie Lawrence
Single mother

The government’s social policy has gone a long way to reducing
child poverty through tax and benefit reforms. Labour has also gone
a long way to reducing poverty among pensioners. But there are
groups who have been left out, such as working age adults without
children who live in poverty.

Joan Scott
Inspired Services

For the first election in a long time, I am going to vote. I
know they have had problems with the war and so on but Labour has
listened to us on a lot of social care policy. They involved us in
Valuing People and in keeping an eye on what’s been happening
since. We have been able to meet ministers and change laws! I’m
going to vote Labour.


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