Kennedy to outline Lib Dems manifesto

The Liberal Democrats will today reiterate their pledge to
introduce free personal care if they were elected into government,
writes Clare Jerrom.

Party leader Charles Kennedy will present a programme based on
“dignity for older people, real opportunity for our children
and a fair deal for families”.

The other priorities for the Liberal Democrats for the next
parliament would be ending unfairness in the NHS and ending hidden
waiting lists, ending student tuition fees, better pensions for
older people, an end to unfair council tax and more police on the

Kennedy said: “In order to end student tuition fees,
provide free personal care for the elderly and reduce local taxes,
the one per cent of people earning over £100,000 a year will
pay a new top rate of tax – a marginal rate of

He added that there would be no child trust fund and cuts in
quangos and unnecessary government department functions.

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