Howard pledges to tackle binge drinking

Michael Howard today pledged that a Conservative government
would introduce strict new measures to tackle binge drinking,
writes Clare Jerrom.

The Tory leader unveiled a five point action plan to turn the
tide against binge drinking in a bid to tackle alcohol-related
antisocial behaviour.

Howard said: “Our five point plan, which I am announcing
today, will confront the binge drinking culture. A Conservative
government won’t turn a blind eye when they bend or break the

He went on to launch a scathing attack on “drunken
yobs”, saying he wanted them to be given “a dose of the
fear they’ve been dishing out to the rest of us”.

The Tory five point plan includes:-

• Giving councils powers to restrict the issue of late
night licences granted to drinking establishments without them
having to worry that their decisions will be over turned by the

• Putting a stop to irresponsible drink promotions

• Giving councils strong new powers to tackle late night
drinking hotspots by blocking licence extensions to premises where
there is a danger of late night binge drinking getting out of

• Recruiting 5,000 more police officers a year

• Giving local communities a greater say in licensing

Howard launched the proposals today before visiting Peterborough
and Nottingham for election visits.

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