Wednesday 27 April 2005

By Clare Jerrom, Mithran Samuel and Derren Hayes

Others may join Sedgemore’s revolt, Blair told

Income inequality remains unchanged after eight years of Labour
rule, according to a report by the Institute for Fiscal

However the report says that if not for Labour’s tax credit
policies, the gap between rich and poor would have widened.

Source:- The Independent Wednesday 27 April 2005 page

Staff blamed for death of prison inmate

The prison ombudsman labelled the imprisonment of mentally ill and
drug dependent women as “disproportionate, ineffective and
unkind” in a report the government has refused to

Stephen Shaw’s report, which has been seen by The
Independent, investigated the deaths of six women, including
18-year-old Sarah Campbell, at Styal prison.

In an inquest yesterday, a jury found that a nurse at the prison
had been at fault in the fatal overdose of one of the women, Julie
Walsh, for leaving a trolley containing antidepressants

Source:- The Independent Wednesday 27 April 2005 page

Prime Minister ‘booed by rebellious pupils” as
he opens school building

Two Fathers for Justice campaigners tried to handcuff themselves to
education secretary Ruth Kelly at a meeting in her Bolton
constituency last night.

Police tried to arrest the men but they managed to escape.

Source:- The Daily Telegraph Wednesday 27 April page

Work plan for skilled refugees

Failed asylum seekers who cannot be returned to their country of
origin could be allowed to stay and work in the UK if they are
highly skilled.

Home secretary Charles Clarke confirmed this in a television debate
last night.

Source:- The Daily Telegraph Wednesday April 27 page

British condemned as racists over attitude to gypsies

Former union leader Rodney Bickerstaffe has said the public’s
attitude to gypsies and travellers reflects a “racist
streak” in the country at a conference on the issue.

He also blamed politicians and the media for a rise in racially
motivated attacks on travellers.

Source:- The Daily Telegraph Wednesday 27 April page

Mother of five stabbed at hostel

A care worker was stabbed to death on at a hostel for single
parents in Crawley before her attacker tried to set fire to the

Melanie Gray, who works as a chaperone for children with special
needs, was temporarily staying with her boyfriend at the

Source:- The Daily Telegraph Wednesday 27 April page

Victims of crime ‘to get own lawyer in

Labour pledged yesterday that victims of crime would get their own
lawyers to represent them in court.

A Labour spokesperson said “victims’ advocates”
would be able to appear in murder cases on behalf of the dead
person’s next of kin and to represent the victim in rape

Source:- The Times  Wednesday 27 April page 2

Health workers back legal prostitution call

Moves to decriminalise prostitution for health reasons are being
backed by nurses.

The Royal College of Nursing annual congress at Harrogate yesterday
heard how the law forces prostitutes into a situation where they
are stigmatised and denied healthcare.

The congress approved the resolution by a vote of 355 to 83 with 21

Source:- The Times  Wednesday 27 April page 16

Billie-Jo jury told of wife’s fears

The former wife of Sion Jenkins, accused of killing his foster
daughter Billie-Jo in 1997, told the Old Bailey yesterday of her
fears about the way her former husband had acted at a press
conference three days after Billie-Jo’s death.

Lois Jenkins said she thought his behaviour meant he had murdered
the 13-year-old and she later became hysterical when told that
scientific evidence linked him to the crime.

Jenkins denies murder.

Source:- The Times  Wednesday 27 April page 4

Migrants more than paying their way, report says

A study published today shows that migrants in Britain are more
than paying their way and contributing more to the public purse
than anyone else.

The research by the Institute for Public Policy Research shows that
although the migrant workforce makes up 8.7 per cent of the
population, it contributes 10.2 per cent of all the income tax

Source:- The Guardian  Wednesday 27 April page 7

Get out of jail early

Burglars, thieves and dangerous drivers are to be released from
prison early under new sentencing rules.

Lord chief justice Lord Woolf ordered that courts will cut 15 per
cent from the sentences of those who are considered to pose no risk
of violence to the public.

Source:- Daily Mail  Wednesday 27 April page 4

700,000 pupils a year play truant

Around 700,000 secondary school pupils are playing truant from
school each year despite an eight year truancy crackdown costing
around £1 billion, the Tories claimed today.

Unauthorised absences have increased by 10 per cent in the last
year alone, according to figures launched today by the Conservative

Source:- Daily Mail  Wednesday 27 April page 17

I dropped the baby

An au pair yesterday admitted dropping a baby after feeling

Ewa Nowakowska said she stumbled, then heard a bang and saw
Jonathan Adeleye lying at the foot of the bed.

The Old Bailey heard how she said she saw him blinking rapidly and
picked him up and put him back in his cot.

The polish au pair denies murder.

The trial continues.

Source:- Daily Mail  Wednesday 27 April page 24

Half of all children are logging on to porn sites

Millions of young internet users are routinely logging on to
pornographic websites while their parents have no idea, according
to research.

More than half have viewed explicit material on websites while a
quarter have been sent junk pornographic emails, according to the
research by the London School of Economics.

Source:- Daily Mail  Wednesday 27 April page 25

Warm heart of steel

A UN programme aims to resettle 500 refugees a year in the UK. But
political jitters have led to only two councils singing up to the

Source:- Society Guardian  Wednesday 27 April page 8

Across the divide

Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland are helping to build
their own and each other’s houses as part of an affordable
housing scheme striving to bring the two communities

Source:- Society Guardian  Wednesday 27 April page

What else can I do?

After five years in internet marketing, Lizzie feels she is at a
dead end and wonders if the public sector would offer her a fresh

Source:- Society Guardian  Wednesday 27 April page

Scottish news

How concentrating on helping drug addicts neglects families

Drug agencies are overlooking the problems experienced by addicts’
families, according to a new study.

The report, by Glasgow University, said concentration on abusers
themselves meant the severe impact on parents and siblings was
being “eclipsed”.

Family members who tried to help a drug addict often suffered
stress, anxiety and other health problems, the study said.

Source:- The Herald Wednesday 27 April

Children ‘must no longer go to jail’

Scotland’s chief inspector of prisons last night demanded
urgent action to end the “shocking” practice of sending children to
adult prisons.

Dr Andrew McLellan launched a scathing attack on the policy after
unveiling his report into Kilmarnock jail, which revealed five
15-year-old boys were sent there in the last year because there was
nowhere suitable to put them.

Following his inspection of Scotland’s only privately run
jail, he said the prison “regularly” found itself forced to contain

Source:- The Scotsman Wednesday 27 April

Booze doc says start ‘em young

Dr Paul Skett, a senior lecturer in pharmacology at Glasgow
University, says children should be served in pubs to educate them
about the dangers of binge drinking.

He has called for new laws that would let barmen serve alcohol to
children from the “earliest feasible age”.

Dr Skett says the idea would solve Scotland’s binge-drinking
culture by normalising alcohol, similar to the approach taken in

Source:- Daily Record Wednesday 27 April

Welsh news

Four sons killed – but now I’m a mum again

A woman whose husband gassed their four children to death has
spoken at her joy of becoming a mum again.

Samantha Tolley was forced to listen on the mobile phone as Keith
Young killed their sons in a Jeep in March 2003 after they

Tolley said the birth of her son called Morghan is helping her to
deal with the grief of losing her four sons Joshua, Thomas, Callum
and Daniel.

Source:- Western Mail  Wednesday 27 April

Bullies forced boy ‘to watch Iraq

The parents of a child who claims bullies forced him to watch the
execution of Ken Bigley on the internet, are to take legal action
against the school.

Nathaniel Titley has dysphraxia and claims he has been bullied so
badly he cannot face going to school.

However, the headteacher at Cathays High School, Cardiff, claims
his parents have not raised the matter with the school.

Source:- Western Mail  Wednesday 27 April

Two accused of murdering homeless addict

Two men who were jailed for an attack on a homeless drug addict
have gone on trial for murder after his death.

David Davies and Daniel Shannon, who lived in a series of homeless
hostels in Swansea, both deny separate charges of murder.

Swansea Crown Court heard how the men carried out a violent attack
on Peter Bowen and left him unconscious and fighting for his life.
He fell into a deep coma and died of bronchopneumonia brought on by
long-standing brain damage in February 2004.
Davies and Shannon had previously pleaded guilty to unlawful
grievous bodily harm in December 2000.

Source:- IC Wales  Tuesday 26 April


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