What can be done about stress?

Whether it’s too much homework or too few facilities in
their communities, the things that cause stress in young people may
differ from adults, but they have similar effects on their physical
and mental health. What do young people say about the stuff that
stresses them out – and how do they deal with it?


My maths teacher stresses me out – he’s always on my back and
focuses his attention on me.  We didn’t get on at the beginning of
the year and he won’t let things be in the past. Also I get too
much homework – sometimes it takes up the whole night and I feel
like I don’t have the time to do it.  I know when I’m stressed
because I feel tired, drained, and angry. Sometimes it can go if I
spend half an hour on my own, but other times I need to go to sleep
and it will be OK the next day. Music relieves it – it calms me
down and relaxes me.


I’m doing a performing arts course and it should be team work,
so it really stresses me when the others aren’t pulling their
weight. I’m the one who has to try and get them moving. I start
talking really quickly and lose my temper easily when I’m stressed.
I try to calm down and relax with a hot bubble bath. If it doesn’t
go away talk to someone so it doesn’t get worse.


There are things that frustrate me. When my mum comes in from
work and she’s in a bad mood she has a go at me – arguing and
shouting at me. I don’t like that, but also I hate living in this
town. There’s nothing to do round here and not many young kids my
age. We do the same thing everyday. I don’t think there’s any point
in getting stressed, though.  When people are getting stressed they
should think of something they like and focus on that.  


Exam pressure is nerve-racking and makes me want to get down in
a corner and cry! I’ve got my music exam tomorrow and I’m the last
one doing it, everyone else has got really good grades so it puts
even more pressure on me.   Sometimes I feel ill when I’m stressed,
physically sick. I write myself notes to say how I feel, then rip
them up and this makes me feel better. If you keep things bottled
up it gets worse and worse.


Living in this area is a stress. Most of us have had arguments
with the council about there being nothing to do, and trying to get
them to give us more facilities. They make promises and then
nothing happens. We want clubs and Astroturf like they have in
other towns, Young people round here have nothing to do but hang
around in gangs. I want to fight when I’m stressed but I don’t,
instead I do boxing to relieve it.


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