Book review: Valuing children, valuing parents


ATD Fourth World

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ATD Fourth World is a charity which has 45 years of experience
working across the world for the betterment of families and
individuals who experience long-term poverty, writes Subhabrata

It has conducted extensive research in 10 European countries,
including the UK, involving families in extreme poverty and
administrators, civil servants and volunteers, and using
qualitative and quantitative methods.

This report is the rich outcome of that research. Its three main
parts – “European Perspective on Child Poverty”, “Parents and
Families” and “Happy Families” – consist of discussion of field
experiences. Each section ends with some questions raised by the
key issues.

Though each section has varying merit, collectively they have the
potential for creating greater enthusiasm and appreciation for
professional social workers and those involved in working with
children and families living in poverty.

A significant strength of this book is that it introduces the need
for debate and dialogue about family and social exclusion, and the
various child policy and care systems throughout Europe.

Subhabrata Dutta is a faculty member, department of social
work, Assam University, India

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