A web log or blog is a web application which contains
information on a webpage. These logs are often, but not
necessarily, in reverse chronological order. Blogs run from
individual diaries to arms of political campaigns, media programmes
and corporations, and from the writing of one occasional author to
the collaboration of a large community of writers.
is hosting four blogs: one from Hilton Dawson, one from Peter
Beresford, one from Stephen Burke and one from a mystery


Hilton Dawson
is a former MP and children’s rights


Click here for Hilton Dawson’s Blog


Peter Beresford is Professor of Social Policy
at Brunel University and long-term service user. 
Click here for Peter Beresford’s Blog

Stephen Burke
is chief executive of Counsel and Care.
Click here for Stephen Burke’s Blog

Mystery journo
is a journalist whose identity remains a
Click here for journo’s blog

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