Workers face checks to prove skills are up to date

Spot checks will ensure registered social workers keep up with
learning and development from April 2006, the General Social Care
Council promised.

Chief executive Lynne Berry said the GSCC would ask selected social
workers to prove they were recording their learning.

Social workers in England have to keep their skills up to date with
90 hours’ post-registration training and learning over three

But in another session Steve Trevillion, the GSCC’s head of social
work education and training, said guidance for social workers on
post-registration training was “slim” and would be reviewed and

Director of regulation Heather Wing said the GSCC was not
“prescriptive” about what constituted learning and wanted to be
“flexible” and “inclusive”.

Learning outcomes must be relevant to the role of social workers
and be measurable and recorded.

Within that framework a range of learning is acceptable, from
private reading and study to working for a post-qualifying award.
Other activities might include shadowing a colleague or undertaking

One delegate asked whether attending a workshop on growing
beansprouts counted as post-registration training and learning as
it could improve workers’ well-being.

“There is no straightforward answer to that,” said Trevillion,
although he pointed out that the guidance review would set limits
on what learning was eligible.

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