Friday 27 May 2005

By Maria Ahmed, Simeon Brody and Amy Taylor

Boy, 15, in human rights challenge to curfew zones

The rights of children are being fundamentally breached by
“curfew zones” introduced to tackle antisocial
behaviour, the High Court was told yesterday.

A 15-year-old boy backed by Liberty, the human rights group, is
bringing a test legal challenge with implications for some 400
zones in England and Wales.

Source: – The Times Friday 27 May 2005 page 7

Hooded top ban on teenage tearaway

A teenager was banned from wearing a hooded top for five years
after terrorising a community in a campaign of violence.

Dale Carroll, 16, of Cheetham, Manchester attacked people and once
attempted to cut down a CCTV lamppost with a chainsaw, Manchester
magistrates court heard.

Source:- The Times Friday 27 May 2005 page 7

Mothers who kill babies ‘need treatment, not

Mothers accused of killing their babies within the first year of
their life should not face prosecution, the country’s leading
paediatrician said yesterday.

Alan Craft, president of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child
Health, said that mothers who harmed their young were disturbed and
in need of help rather than imprisonment.

He called for such cases to be dealt with in the civil rather than
criminal courts under the aegis of the child protection

Source: – The Times Friday 27 May 2005 page 25

Rise in drug use

A huge increase in cocaine use was cited yesterday for the number
of people on hard drugs in England and Wales rising to a record one

Drug charities said the rise was because of a flood of cheap
cocaine on the market.

Source: – The Times Friday 27 May 2005 page 26

Woman who fled forced marriage is feted

Jasvinder Sanghera, who fled a forced marriage and is now Asian
affairs manager at the Refuge domestic violence charity was
honoured at the Asian Women of Achievement Awards in London last

Source: – The Times Friday 27 May 2005 page 16

Pupils at academy are out of control, says Ofsted

Pupils at the Unity academy school in Middlesbrough are “out
of control” with two serious attacks on teachers in the past
few weeks, it has been claimed.

Ofsted is expected to publish a report on the school today, while a
government funded study suggests some state secondary school are
losing up to 40 per cent of their teachers every year primarily
because of poor pupil behaviour.

Source:- The Guardian Friday 27 May 2005 page 6

14,000 a month sign for work

A further 40,000 Poles and other new EU citizens came to work in
Britain in the first three months of this year, bringing the total
to 176,000 since accession in May last year, according to Home
Office figures.

As many as a third of those signing up to the workers’
registration scheme were already working in Britain illegally and
had regularised their position.

Source:- The Guardian Friday 27 May 2005 page 14

Barclays warns of soaring bad debt on cards

Barclays became the first major bank since the recession of the
early 1990s to issue a warning that bad debts are growing

Source:- The Daily Telegraph Friday 27 May 2005 page

Public despair at big increase in anti-social

More than 90 per cent of respondents in a YouGov survey for the
Telegraph believe that people show less respect for one another
than they did in the past and almost as many think anti-social
behaviour is increasing.

A massive majority of people blame poor parenting for the decline
in standards they observe.

Source:- The Daily Telegraph Friday 27 May 2005 page

Violence “should be treated like contagious

Violent behaviour can spread like a virus and should be treated the
same as a contagious disease, according to research in the journal

The researchers find that exposure to gun violence makes Chicago
adolescents twice as likely to perpetrate serious violence in the
following two years.
Source:- The Daily Telegraph Friday 27 May 2005 page

Tormented to death

A man was driven to suicide after being persecuted by yobs and
attacked in the street, his son claimed yesterday.

Ian Kempton, 57, from Middleton, Greater Manchester, was assaulted
by two men after he remonstrated with a teenager who was tampering
with his disability scooter. No one came forward to identify the
assailants and youths later attacked his home with stones.

Source:- Daily Mail Friday 27 May 2005 page 5

Integrate or suffer riots like LA, warns Phillips

Britain will suffer Los Angeles-style riots unless blacks and
Asians integrate properly into society, Trevor Phillips warned

The chair of the Commission for Racial Equality condemned what he
called “corporate multi-culturalism” which was keeping
some minorities segregated.

Source:- Daily Mail Friday 27 May 2005 page 13

Two strikes and you’re charged

The chief constable of Northumbria vowed to clear his street of
drunken yobs with a “two strikes and you’re
charged” policy.

Anyone caught acting drunk and disorderly more than once will be
charged and the worst offenders will be named and shamed in local

Source:- Daily Mail Friday 27 May 2005 page 18

Scottish news

Anger as second child sex offender is granted bail

Children’s campaigners have reacted angrily after a sex
offender, who distributed pornography over the internet involving
babies and children being raped by men and animals, was released on
bail yesterday.

Euan Aitken’s release comes shortly after a separate court
granted bail to Edward Waugh who raped an 11-year-old girl.

Aiken admitted using the internet to distribute images of over 700
children to paedophiles across the world.

Source:- The Scotsman Friday 27 May 2005

Welsh news

I didn’t fight with Billie-Jo, Jenkins tells trial

Sion Jenkins said that he did not fight with his foster daughter
Billie Jo at his Old Bailey retrial for murder yesterday.

The prosecution allege that Jenkins battered the 13-year-old to

Jenkins had been convicted of her murder but the case is being
retried after he appealed last year.

Source:- Western Mail Friday 27 May 2005

The questions WDA staff didn’t get answered

Managers carried out a U-turn on their initial decision to allow
staff at a Welsh regeneration agency to voice their views on the
forced merger with the Assembly Government it has been

Originally managers planned to allow employees at the Welsh
Development Agency to air their views as part of a staff attitude
survey but then changed their minds.

Source:- Western Mail Friday 27 May 2005


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