Most people prefer the preventive way

Two-thirds of adults believe that preventive action is the most
effective way of tackling antisocial behaviour, according to a
report published this week.

Research for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation found that only 20 per
cent of adults favoured tough action against people accused of
antisocial behaviour, while another 11 per cent wanted to see a
combination of prevention and enforcement.

The national survey by researchers at King’s College London found
that statutory agencies such as police, the court and schools were
considered “impotent” by residents in dealing with serious
misbehaviour, highlighting a need for strengthened

Antisocial behaviour emerged as an acute concern for a
“significant” minority of the population, particularly in areas of
social deprivation and inner cities, but had “little or no impact”
on the majority, researchers found.

The report criticised the government’s “oversimplified” antisocial
behaviour strategy for “fuelling public anxiety,” and called on the
government to be tough on the causes of antisocial behaviour.

  • Antisocial Behaviour Strategies: Finding a Balance from

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