Human rights rap for government

Europe’s human rights chief has slammed the government’s use of
antisocial behaviour orders and treatment of young offenders,
asylum seekers and travellers.

Alvaro Gil-Robles says too many Asbos are handed to children and
wants the option of jailing young people for breaching the orders
to be removed, along with the issuing of Asbos on hearsay

In a report, the commissioner says too many young offenders are in
custody and the introduction of community sentence options has had
little effect on the number detained.

The Prison Service, it says, is “failing in its duty of care”
towards vulnerable children who need psychiatric care, with far too
many wrongly placed in young offender institutions.

It also says asylum seekers are not receiving adequate legal
representation and calls for councils to be placed under a duty to
provide sites for travellers and gypsies.

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