Pathologist challenged over Shaken Baby Syndrome theory

A pathologist has been challenged on her view that a parent
bouncing a baby on their knee could cause the fatal symptoms of
“shaken baby syndrome”, writes Chloe

Professor Helen Whitwell admitted in the Court of Appeal that
she did not know of any cases of babies dying from being bounced on
a parent’s knee.

Crown counsel Richard Horwell failed in a bid to stop the
hearing after neuropathologist Dr Jennian Geddes, who had also
queried the causes of shaken baby syndrome, agreed her latest
report was flawed and more research was needed.

However one of the judges, Lord Justice Gage, said the appeals
should still be explored.

The pathologists were giving evidence in appeals by four people
convicted of manslaughter, murder or grievous bodily harm against
small children.

The court heard evidence that injuries similar to  “shaken
baby syndrome” can result from children falling from a low
height, can be linked to vaccinations or medication causing lack of
oxygen to the brain or to a difficult birth, or even have genetic

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