Thursday 30th June

Unruly children who flout Asbos will be ‘named and

 The government has promised greater ‘naming and
shaming’ of young people given anti-social behaviour orders,
after figures out yesterday showed the number of Asbos had more
than doubled in a year.

 Legal changes this week will mean that the names of young
people who breach Asbos will be made public unless courts decide

 Source:- The Daily Telegraph Thursday 30 June 2005
page 8

 Narcissus schoolboy who killed his parents is cleared
of murder

 A gifted schoolboy who killed his elderly parents was not
guilty of murder because he suffered from an acute narcissistic
personality disorder.

 A judge ordered a double murder charge to be dropped and
allowed Brian Blackwell, 19, to admit manslaughter on the grounds
of diminished responsibility.

 Source:- The Times Thursday 30 June 2005 page 3

 Hunger strikers ‘bullied’ by centre

 Immigration officials were accused last night of bullying
Zimbabwean detainees in an attempt to break their hunger

 Alleged ringleaders of the protest have apparently been moved
to solitary confinement.

 Source:- The Times Thursday 30 June 2005 page 4

 Prisoner’s suicide

 A teenager on remand at Reading young offender institution has
been found hanged in his cell.

 Liam Ritson, 18, from Surrey, had been charged with robbery and
false imprisonment.

 Source:- The Times Thursday 30 June 2005 page 4

Scottish news

Man killed neighbour after confusion over child

A man who slit his neighbour’s throat and set fire to his flat
in the mistaken belief he was a paedophile has been jailed for life
and ordered to serve at least eight years.

Angus Mackinnon “snapped” and killed Derek Gourley
after being invited to watch what he thought were child pornography

Mackinnon told police Gourley mentioned having pornographic
videos of “lassies” and he took it to mean under-age
girls. Police later established the tapes did not show

Source:- The Scotsman & the Record, 30 June

 Welsh news

 Charity warns on plight on homelessness

 Many homeless people in Wales are still being failed by the
system two years after a critical report on local authority
homeless services in the country, according to a housing

 Shelter Cymru makes the comments in a new report due to be
launched at its conference in Swansea this week.

 Source:- Western Mail Thursday 30 June 2005

 24-hour childcare ‘needed for NHS

 Doctors called on politicians to create 24-hour childcare for
all NHS staff in Wales yesterday.

 The call came at the British Medical Association’s annual
representatives’ meeting in Manchester.

 Currently NHS staff are facing long waiting lists for
hospital-based crèches or paying sky high fees for childcare
at anti-social hours.

 Source:- Western Mail Thursday 30 June 2005


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