5 minute first aid for children

5 minute first aid for children
The British Red Cross, £6.99


I approached Five Minute First Aid with interest having long
since forgotten what I learned on a first aid for babies’ course
many years ago, writes Alison Miller.

The book is aimed at parents and anybody responsible for
children aged between one and eight. It does exactly what it says
on the tin and gives a concise but thorough guide, over nine
chapters, to what action to take when confronted with a series of
the most common childhood emergencies, illnesses and accidents.

From resuscitation and choking to cuts, burns, sprains and
poolside and pond accidents, each chapter is designed to be read in
five minutes and to give readers the necessary skills to deal
confidently with the first aid situations described.

Each chapter ends with a useful ‘self tester’ section that lets
you test your newly-acquired knowledge. Other handy features are
the ‘key skills’ boxes which pull out the most important
techniques, together with a summary at the end of each chapter
which rounds up in one or two paragraphs exactly what to do.

While no substitute for attending a first aid course, this book
covers a lot of ground in bite-sized chunks that busy parents and
professionals will appreciate. This is one reference book that
definitely should not be filed away, but left to hand to be picked
up regularly to refresh the memory on how to act in an

Alison Miller is deputy editor of 0-19 and a mother of two
young boys

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