Wednesday 6 July 2005

By Maria Ahmed and Clare Jerrom

£500,000 for whistle-blower

A woman prison officer who blew the whistle on the bullying of
inmates at a high-security jail, including an alleged attempt by a
colleague to plant images of naked children in a sex
offender’s cell, has won almost £500,000 in compensation
– the biggest public sector payout. Carol Lingard, 36,
reported the abuse at Wakefield prison, west Yorkshire, where Ian
Huntley, the Soham murderer is held.

Source: – The Times, Wednesday 6 July 2005, page 2

Happy slap killers

Two 16-year-old boys have been jailed for nine years each for
murder after they kicked a disabled British man to death in
Germany’s first fatal case of “happy

The youngsters, one Spanish and the other Italian, attacked Andrew
Holdcroft, 46, and took a picture with their mobile phones in

Source: – The Times Wednesday 6 July 2005 page 2

Europe agree package deal to fly home asylum-seekers

Britain is to join four big EU states in joint charter flights to
send home failed asylum-seekers as part of the drive to increase
the rate of removals from the country.

The aircraft, dubbed “Asylum Airways”, will fly from
capital to capital picking up illegal migrants in an initiative
agreed at a meeting of the interior ministers of the five biggest
EU states.

Source: – The Times Wednesday 6 July 2005 page 4

Deportee given a late reprieve

A Zimbabwean asylum-seeker was taken in handcuffs to Heathrow
yesterday, although immigration staff knew that his lawyers had
secured a reprieve from deportation.

In another development, three female asylum-seekers from Zimbabwe
have been moved to the Colnbrook removal centre near Heathrow
without being told why.

Source: – The Times Wednesday 6 July 2005 page 4

Next-door Asbo

A neighbour who caused six families to leave a village by
threatening villager and damaging property was given an Asbo by
Lincoln Crown Court.

Source: – The Times Wednesday 6 July 2005 page 4

Big rise in CSA complaints

The Child Support Agency was criticised yesterday for
administrative blunders that prompted a record number of complaints
last year.

A report delivered by Independent Case Examiner Jodi Berg comes in
a year when the CSA’s chief executive was forced to quit
because of its failures and MPs have called for it to shut down
unless it improves.

Source: – The Times Wednesday 6 July 2005 page 27

Respect’ supreme mocks fears over binge

The Home Office promised last night to investigate a report that
the civil servant at the heart of Tony Blair’s
“respect” agenda had said that concern about binge
drinking was “nonsense.” Louise Casey, the national
director of the Home Office’s anti-social behaviour
allegedly also said that “doing things sober is no way to get
things done”.

Source:- The Daily Telegraph Wednesday 6 July 2005 page

Falconer promises ‘fairer deal’ on legal

Legal aid for civil and family cases will be cut dramatically
unless fundamental reforms are introduced, the government said

Source:- The Daily Telegraph Wednesday 6 July 2005 page

Voluntary groups may take over Social Fund

The government may hand over the running of its Social
Fund, which provides emergency loans and grants to the poorest
people, to voluntary or community groups.

David Blunkett, the work and pensions secretary, risked controversy
by saying that outside organisations might operate the £718
million-a-year-fund, which helps poor families buy essential items
such as cookers and children’s shoes.

Source: – The Independent Wednesday 6 July 2005 page

All at sea

Sending looked-after juveniles to care homes by the seaside might
sound like a good idea, but a new report from Kent that
‘dumping’ young people far from their own communities
is creating an explosive mixture that could lead to tragedy.

Source: – Society Guardian Wednesday 6 July 2005 page

In from the cold

Five years ago, charity workers Ruth Wyner and John Brock were
dramatically freed from prison on appeal. A report on the
‘Wintercomfort Two’.

Source: – Society Guardian Wednesday 6 July 2005 page

Service or disservice?

John Bird, founder of The Big Issue, stirred up controversy last
week when he claimed that many charities are guilty of
‘mollycoddling’ homeless people and creating a
dependency culture. Is he right?

Source: – Society Guardian Wednesday 6 July 2005 page

Welsh news

Cancer link to lethal cocktail of poverty, age and poor

The cancer map of Wales today has revealed the link between poor
lifestyle, deprivation and cancer.

The Cancer Atlas published by the Office for National Statistics
shows that cancer rates for men are highest in Neath Port Talbot,
Swansea and Merthyr Tydfil while Torfaen heads the league for
female cancers.

Source:- IC Wales  Wednesday 6 July


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