Book Review: Finding Dad

Daniel Lee, illustrated by Korky Paul, Action for Prisoners’
ISBN 0954859316, £4.50


Finding Dad is a great book for children and young
teenagers who have got a parent in prison or have had parents in
prison. It helps you understand that other people, like friends,
might have parents in prison, writes Edward (surname

The illustrations are the sort you would have in your head when
reading. In some parts, the mum lies to the kids to make them think
that their dad is in a different place to where he actually is. HMP
– Her Majesty’s Prison or Her Majesty’s Person? It is Her Majesty’s
Prison, but in the book, the mum says “Her Majesty’s Person”.

It’s sad the way that Mum thinks she’s helping the children by not
telling them the truth. I think Finding Dad shows that telling the
truth is the best thing to do, even when it’s really difficult.
Battleship, secret mission, space or prison? Don’t know? Read the

The size of the print is fairly big, but not over-large. I found it
very helpful because it helped me realise I was not the only one to
have had a relation in jail.

Edward is aged 10 

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