Job file: Antisocial Behaviour Co-ordinator

Who’s doing it? Angie Beal.

Where? Lincoln Council.

Job description: Co-ordinating agencies to respond
to complaints of antisocial behaviour. Sending out warning letters,
making joint home visits to offenders with police and initiating
acceptable behaviour contracts. If all else fails, applying to
courts for antisocial behaviour orders.

Skills/qualifications needed: Degree or relevant
professional qualification – social work, youth work, the law and
the police are all suitable backgrounds. Patience.

Pay: £22,698-£25,650.

What’s the job like? My background is drug and
alcohol counselling and I worked in prisons for eight years. I
started this job a year ago. I never realised it would take over my
life. There is no typical day. You can never predict what is going
to happen next. My hours of work are extremely flexible.

It is not a nine-to-five job as I can work with police late into
the evening. I can usually be found sitting behind my desk in the
office when everybody else has gone home as it’s the only time I
can get any paperwork done. I work in a fairly small team
consisting of three police officers, myself, and our invaluable
assistant. We run a hotline for people to phone in with complaints
of antisocial behaviour.

As the definition of antisocial behaviour is so wide-ranging, I
deal with complaints ranging from neighbour nuisance to criminal
damage, vandalism and intimidation. The job is not just about
enforcement but also about diverting people away from antisocial
behaviour. The best bit about my job is seeing the people I work
with break the cycle of antisocial behaviour. The worst aspect is
always being late home.

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