Behaviour problems in the early years

Behaviour Problems in the Early Years
Theodora Papatheodorou
Publisher: RoutledgeFalmer
£17.99; ISBN: 0-415-28698-0


Coping with behaviour problems in young children preoccupies
most of us at sometime – whether as a parent or professional –
causing many of us to seek explanation and/or support,
writes Linda Hart.

This very informative book provides both. It draws upon a rich
background of educational research in its identification of
different types of challenging behaviour and in helpfully
suggesting a range of preventive strategies.

The book is in two parts with the first examining types of
behavioural difficulties, dependent upon age and gender. Six case
studies help to provide more insight into the specific behaviours
in young children that might be of concern to the early years

The second part explores methods of identification and ways of
managing different types of problem behaviour.

Very usefully, at the end of each chapter Papatheodorou summarises
the main points, which is ideal for students or anyone interested
in current thinking and practice.

The activities at the end of each chapter are designed with the
student or practitioner in mind, but are sufficiently open-ended to
promote wider discussion for those working with young

This guide is very good for reference or training purposes as each
chapter and section can stand alone. Its content is also invaluable
for the concerned parent who may be seeking answers and

Linda Hart is a Education and Early Years Senior Adviser for
Trafford Children and Young People’s Service

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