Book Review: The Ethics of Survivor Research

The Ethics of Survivor Research
Alison Faulkner, Policy Press
ISBN 1861346417, £9.95


The author, an independent survivor-researcher, has produced a set
of guidelines that will help service users, practitioners and
academics attend to ethical aspects of survivor-controlled
research, writes John Percival

Subtitled Guidelines for the Ethical Conduct of Research Carried
Out by Mental Health Service Users and Survivors, the author looks
at the stages of research, from clarification of underlying
principles, planning and design to dissemination and
implementation. These guidelines differ from most because of the
prominence given to working with mental health service users
throughout this process.

Key issues include the importance of a flexible process to cater
for different needs, abilities and periods of illness or distress,
as well as a commitment to change or action based on the research
findings. The guidelines also examine the role of training in
research skills, backed up by suggestions for further reading, and
emphasises the relevance of emotional, practical and supervisory

This accessibly written book expounds good research practice, makes
use of illuminating extracts from individual and focus group
interviews and provides valuable sources of further

John Percival is lecturer in health and social care, the Open

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