Friday 5 August 2005

By Simeon Brody, Mithran Samuel and Clare Jerrom

Walker suspects in custody after flight

Three men were questioned by police yesterday over the racist
murder of black teenager Anthony Walker.

Michael Barton, 17, and Paul Taylor, 20 – the cousin and
brother of footballer Joey Barton, were arrested on Wednesday. A
23-year-old man was arrested yesterday.

Source:- The Guardian Friday 5 August 2005 page 6

Asylum seeker loses home

A mother who claims she fled to Britain with her children to escape
persecution in the Democratic Republic of Congo lost her appeal
against a decision to deprive her of benefits.

Ngiedi Lusukumu and her 18-year-old daughter will be homeless
because the National Asylum Support Service will stop paying the
rent on her council house in Bolton and the council could be forced
to take her five other children into care.

Source:- The Guardian Friday 5 August 2005 page 8

Report prompts fostering overhaul

Leeds Council is carrying out a review of its fostering service
after accepting a critical ombudsman’s report into the
treatment of a couple caring for a boy with complex needs.

The council has agreed to pay £57,000 to the foster parents
after the ombudsman’s report detailed a series of mistakes
and problems. The couple complained they were not given the
children’s full background and did not receive adequate back
up from the council.

Source:- The Guardian Friday 5 August 2005 page 9

Police send file on prison death to CPS

Police investigating the death of a prisoner in the segregation
unit of a privately run jail have referred the case to the Crown
Prosecution Service.

Prisoners at the Rye Hill prison said Michael Bailey, 24, had been
segregated after giving staff the name of an officer who had been
supplying drugs. He was found hanging in his cell in March.

Source:- The Guardian Friday 5 August 2005 page 9

City shows way on homes for key workers

Red or Dead founder Wayne and Geraldine Hemingway are building
affordable flats – costing less than £80,000 for a
studio – in the heart of Manchester’s bohemian northern

Source:- The Guardian Friday 5 August 2005 page 11

Zimbabwe asylum seekers reprieved

Failed asylum seekers will not be returned to Zimbabwe until a
specialist tribunal has drawn up new guidelines on deportations to
the country.

The government ruled that around 100 people, who claim they would
suffer at the hands of Robert Mugabe’s regime if returned,
could remain pending a hearing of the Asylum and Immigration

The move was welcomed by the Refugee Council.

Source:- The Daily Telegraph Friday 5 August 2005 page

Don’t be so strict

A school has been rapped for suspending too many pupils as a result
of a zero-tolerance approach to behavioural problems.

The Ofsted report said sanctions at the West London Academy in
Ealing were harsh and applied inconsistently.

Source:- The Daily Mail Friday 5 August 2005 page 29

ID cards ‘threaten to create health

ID cards could create a health underclass if people are turned away
by GPs and hospitals if they cannot produce one, an MP has

Liberal Democrat health spokesperson Steve Webb said the government
had not properly worked out the public health implications of the

Source:- The Independent Friday 5 August 2005 page

Scottish news

Common fear that affects young and old alike

Around a third of women in Scotland feel unsafe walking alone at
night, according to the Scottish Household Survey 2003-4.

Source:- The Herald  Friday 5 August

Victims could claim prisoners’ slop-out cash

Compensation paid to prisoners who have been forced to slop out in
Scottish prisons could be claimed by victims.

Victims of serious crimes are entitled to raise a civil action
against criminals for damages within three years but few do as
offenders tend to have few assets to claim.

Source:- The Scotsman  Friday 5 August

Relocation plan ‘puts patients at risk’

Plans to move around 100 experts in healthcare standards to Glasgow
will place patients at risk, health minister Andy Kerr was warned

In a heated meeting, the minister was warned that a
“haemorrhaging of staff” would lead to a loss of
expertise affecting patient care.

Source:- The Scotsman  Friday 5 August

Three in court test capital’s new powers of

Three men appeared in court facing charges of breaching antisocial
behaviour legislation at Edinburgh Sheriff Court.

New powers of dispersal to tackle antisocial behaviour came into
force just days before the court case.

Source:- The Scotsman  Friday 5 August

Welsh news

James in court over jet ski death crash

Welsh schoolboy James Dudley, 16, is appearing in court in Cyprus
today after his girlfriend died in a holiday jet ski

Dudley was in collision with his girlfriend, Hannah Sutton, also
16, as the two rode jet skis. He suffered minor injuries but Sutton
died in Limassol General Hospital.

Both were under the legal age for hiring jet skis in Cyprus, which
is 18.

Friday 5 August 2005

Topless shots of Charlotte found on PCs

More than 20 council staff have been suspended and two managers
sacked at Manchester town hall after topless images of Charlotte
Church, believed to be fake, were found on their computers.

Workers are said to be furious they are facing tough penalties for
passing on “harmless” images.

Source:- Western Mail Friday 5 August 2005


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