Responses to Peter Beresford’s Blog

Responses to Peter Beresford’s Blog

Since I arrived in UK from OZ in February this year I have been
interested to read Peter’s comments on social work.

If he is being reported correctly (Community Care 10-16
March) about trendy managerial buzz words and on another date when
he queried standards of management in social care teams, it is
refreshing to read of such honesty within the industry.

Also the blogging articles give further food for thought.  I work
in a Youth Offending Team and I have been asked to sign a Statement
of Confidentiality because of an interview for a job I was asked to
apply for and obviously said something politically incorrect.

Needless to say, our management leave somewhat to be desired. (NB.
I didn’t say that!)

Thanks you for the guts to say it like it is.

Joanne 9/8/05

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