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Are government plans to scrap the child protection register

Kierra Box – Young people’s activist
I hope that integration will lead to better care. But I
worry that we are phasing out government responsibility to
safeguard those at risk without building in extra support. It
should not be a case of equalising protection at the lowest common
level, but of providing more intelligent, supportive and responsive
care to all young people.

Richard West – Inspired Services
It is important children are safe but the register did
not help parents with learning difficulties. Parents could only
obtain support if their children were on the register, but often
they were only put on the register when there was a crisis and
social services had decided to remove the child. The new system
needs to make sure all families get support.

Angie Lawrence – Single mother
The child protection register’s problem was that it could not help
but fail children who were not on it. But it would be wise to keep
the register in place until the electronic recording of children’s
social care records has been up and running for some time. At least
until it is seen to be functioning well enough to highlight any
concerns with particular children.

Kerry Evans – Parent of two severely autistic sons
I’d like to see a league table of services delivered
rather than abandon the register. Risk assessments give an
impression of a proactive approach without delivering. Social
workers only have a duty to record and not act on protection
issues, so until this is addressed it makes little difference how
cases are recorded.   

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