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Job File: Early Years Transitional Worker – Mary Whitehouse

Job File: Family Support Manager – Ruth Dalzell

Job File: Research & Development Programme Manager – Jill Davies

Job File: Senior portage worker – Teresa McGouran

Job File: Older People Advocate – Christine Francis

Job File: Director, Catholic Office for the Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults – Eileen Shearer

Job File: Part time support worker – Theresa Walsh

Job File: Hepatitis C Social Worker – Megan Peat

Job File: Regional manager, Scottish Care Commission – Henry Mathias

Job File: Policy officer – Fiona Denman

Job File: Project development manager – Iain Speed

Job file: Social Worker, young men’s project, Barnardo’s – Christine Daniels

Job File: Project co-ordinator – Helen Carpenter

Job File: Antisocial Behaviour co-ordinator – Angie Beal

Job File: Area Special Needs Co-ordinator – Jane Thewlis

Job File: Training and Development Officer – Liz Dixon

Job File: Technical Assistant Sensory Impairment – Anita Walsh

Job File: Senior practitioner – Jane Morel

Job File: Director of workforce development – Malcolm Philip

Job File: Dual Diagnosis practitioner – Lucy Benham

Job File: Programme manager – Jane Humphries

Job File: Senior development officer – Judith Ellis

Job File: Occupational therapist – Elaine Muddiman

Job File: Family Placement Officer – Mary Wilford

Job File: Neighbourhood manager – Vince Roberts

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