CSOs set to receive increased powers

Community Support Officers could be given increased powers to
tackle antisocial behaviour, according to a government consultation
paper launched today, writes Maria

The Home Office is asking organisations for their views on
whether CSO’s powers should be “standardised,” as
they currently vary according to area.

The Home Office suggests giving CSOs “key enforcement
powers” to tackle antisocial behaviour, including the power
to require name and address.

It also suggests giving standard powers to CSOs to deal with
alcohol abuse and a greater role in neighbourhood policing.

Home Secretary Charles Clarke said: “The government
believes that it is now time to introduce a standard set of robust
powers for CSOs.

“This will help the public understand exactly what CSOs
can do, and allow CSOs to handle more issues on-the-spot, freeing
up more police time to deal with serious offences.”

The consultation document states the government’s
intention to legislate for a set of standard powers “at the
earliest opportunity.”

Organisations including the Children’s Society, the Local
Government Association and Liberty have been invited to

The consultation ends on October 26.

See: www.homeoffice.gov.uk


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