Research Review: Health, Well-being and Social Inclusion: Therapeutic Horticulture in the UK

Health, Well-being and Social Inclusion: Therapeutic
Horticulture in the UK
Joe Sempik, Jo Aldridge and  Saul Becker, Published by charity
ISBN: 1861347251, £17.99


This book provides evidence from a large research project that the
health, wellbeing and social inclusion of vulnerable adults is
improved from therapeutic horticulture, writes Nichola

It is an academic piece of work that has not been written in
user-friendly language, so the reader needs a basic understanding
of research methods or otherwise it can be hard-going.

The findings are based around a number of themes, such as nature,
freedom and space, work, employment, and physical activity.

It includes some interesting case studies and quotes from service
users, which enhances the reading. It also raises some areas for
further research especially around under-represented groups, such
as women and people from minority ethnic communities. 

It has a section containing photographic evidence to enable
inclusive participation of the people involved, which raises a lot
of discussion around the validity and reliability of using this

While the book provides useful subjective evidence that proves what
it set out to do, I was left with some unanswered questions and an
uneasiness around some ethical issues, such as payments made to the
clients in some of the projects.  

Nichola Glover-Edge is a day service manager in

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